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By way of huskyteer:

Positronic Obedient Replicant Skilled in Ultimate Peacekeeping and Accurate Harm

I think I'd see myself as more of a Sorayama design, but that's not so bad. ^_^ Wonder if I'd receive the ability to transform others, too? Murr. ^_^
I prefer this, a postcard of which cybersofa sent me many years ago. Ooh, I see the designer was responsible for Psygnosis Software's logo too.
Oh, now that's just utterly adorable! Yes, I can see the style being very similar - that logo's one to leave an impression. (For a moment, I thought of Hipgnosis, but they're entirely different - responsible for one of the earlier UK HHGTTG.. gods, no, they're still using the same cover! Yes, I admit it, it was the cover, then the title, which caught me with that series.. it didn't take more than a few sentences to convince me I had to buy that book. An' I won the second in a school essay competition. ^_^ Although, in retrospect, when an English assignment is to present a 1-2 page summary of a book of your choice, HHGTTG probably isn't the wisest selection..)
I recently bought a box set of the 5 novels. Look closely - those are actually new covers specially designed to look like the old, distressed, dogeared, cracked-spined Pan paperbacks you've had for 20 years. Cute.