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As momentrabbit pointed out, Inkscape is another SVG (and friends) vector drawing app, for various platforms. (Note that the OS X version requires X11 be present)

Why did nobody ever introduce me to the work of Bill Hicks? Damn.. I wish I could've seen him in person. Anyway.. here's two clips, completely unsafe for work: on self-pleasure (3.9MB) and good role-models (3.3MB). I'd be amazed if bosn doesn't know all his work by heart.. ^_^ ("When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children?")

Quote for the day, from someone puzzled by Doctor Who being referred to sometimes as a kids' show: "To me a "kid's show" is like Sesame Street. Maybe people in the UK have different ideas (we have Oscar the Grouch, they have Daleks). I'm confused."

Here's a delectable little non-musical tidbit: Vivian Stanshall reading "Rawlinson End, part 21" (9m12s, 3.3MB), from his John Peel session of Oct 27 1975.

I admit I was a little disappointed with s1e8 of Life on Mars, simply on the grounds that I'd thought they'd planned it as a single season, winding up with a resolution of the storyline. Instead, it looks like the non-mystery will be dragged out and dripped into every subsequent episode. *sigh* Still - I'll be watching the second season when it comes around. The first's been lots of fun. ^_^

Here's a handy set of comparative benchmarks across a range of recent Apple systems, including Intel and PowerPC systems, using CineBench, GeekBench, QuickTime, and others.

Aha! The almighty Google Video has the "Microsoft iPod packaging" short here (8.1MB). Or just search on those two words, to view it as streaming Flash, or download for iPod or PSP.

Now, when most people get a wrong number, they either redial correctly, or realise they had the wrong number noted down. But not always does the realisation dawn so readily..

Yay! I have a golden shovel! (And yes, for me, William H Macy will forever be The Shoveler. If you have the DVD, be sure to watch the deleted scenes - most of them would have fit in well, I feel, some adding considerably to the characters' backgrounds or introductions) A few money trees duly planted, along with exotic fruits like apples, cherries, and coconut.

Ahh, handy. ffmpegX does include a means of extracting subtitles from a DVD rip, but it's not the easiest to use, and not always reliable, especially where the color palette isn't deduced correctly (eg latching onto the outlines of the lettering, rather than the insides). D-Subtitler is much more effective, though obviously, still with the occasional misinterpretation of a letter here and there. At the end of it, you wind up with an SRT text file, suitable for use with any soft-subtitling savvy player, such as VLC or Mplayer.

Via foofers, changes at Disney following Pixar's acquisition. :)
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