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Heh! The promo for Makai Senki Disgaea looks enjoyably silly - toony demons and angels, from a PS2 RPG.

A classic of graphic design concepts: Microsoft redesigns the iPod packaging.

I am indeed indebted to foofers for pointing out this company's wares to me. So ~shiny~.. ♥ Perhaps djmermaid can think of some possibilities?

Enjoyable Silicon Valley-centric weblog: Valleywag.

So, I'm finally getting stuck into converting all the CD-Rs to DVD-R, using Hyzenthlay's internal drive and the external burner to read two discs simultaneously. I should eventually have the media list updated and current in a week or so.

Here's a slight hint as to the nature of that iPod photo Engadget posted, as in an entry or two ago. Hee!

Why are VTOL craft never used at sea? (Or maybe they are? I don't think I've ever seen such footage, though - always "traditional" jets, and the traditionally casual "landings" they're therefore compelled to make every time)

Quite a handy browser for web developers: Sunrise. It's a lightweight browser with a few wrinkles, like instant sizing to various common display dimensions, and multiple layers of transparency, so as to verify the page's performance in different conditions.

ffmpegX is a really useful front end to ffmpeg, mencoder, x264, and a variety of other video processing apps - but it does fall short in various important regards, given it essentially winds up just passing a bunch of parameters to these executables, unaware of whether they can actually be processed, and unable to tell whether or not they've succeeded. It also winds up giving the occasional amusing bug, such as a current compression run in progress, apparently 845% complete. ^_^ (Vastly less irksome than spending eighteen hours on one file, only to have the muxing stage fail because it tried to apply AAC to a subtitle stream, rather than the subsequent audio stream..)

Find for the day: Tregroes' Belgian chocolate covered waffles (in the ice cream cone sense) with a caramel filling. Utterly munchable. ^_^

A clue as to the possibility of movies on the iTMS, or just signs of growth? Apple just picked up a 107,000 sq.ft. data center in Newark (town motto: "we're not Fremont, really we're not"). Maybe some OS X Server jobs coming thereabouts in a few weeks..

shun_ri might like this icon I spotted. ^_^

<td align="center"></td>

That iPod thinger made me laugh really hard. Gah, I'm such a nerd.
I really loved it. Not just a highly plausible fake at the end of it, but that the guy documented it all as he went. *chuckle* Now that's style.

Next up - a genuine leak, which someone then shows being faked. :)
Why are VTOL craft never used at sea? (Or maybe they are? I don't think I've ever seen such footage, though - always "traditional" jets, and the traditionally casual "landings" they're therefore compelled to make every time)

VTOL craft like the Harrier or the Osprey? You probably don't see much footage of those because they lack the 'wow' factor of a big plane at high speed smacking a carrier deck at 170 knots. :)
*grin* That sounds like the most likely explanation. ^_^

I can just hear the inventor of the idea giving his pitch.. "Yeah! They'll be coming in at sufficient speed to fly straight back off if need be, and we'll stop 'em with a giant rubber band! It can't fail!"
Why are VTOL craft never used at sea?

You mean, like the Royal Navy's Sea Harriers that are just now being withdrawn from service, and whose last landing was shown on BBC News a day or two ago? =:P
Merely a cunning illusion. Much cheaper than the real thing. ^_^
They still use harriers on some US carriers, apparently.
That can be fractionated into a haiku, you know. ^_^ (Though no reference to a season, for the purists)
Very amusing video, and those are shiny! :D
It's clear there was a good deal of thought put into the planning of that video (I've got to find a good quality downloadable version! Google Video lists two copies, but earlier today, it was just giving a curiously vague "This video might not be available" error on clicking on either. What, can't it tell? Did it fall behind the sofa?) for such amusing realism. ^_^ (See why television audiences are in such decline, particularly in the US? Where else but the net could I find such geeky amusement? :)

I do like the idea on their site, of a cosmetic corset (as opposed to a genuinely functional one).. I wonder if there's any stretch available in those fabrics? A catsuit of such ultimate albedo would truly be something to behold.. it could start a religion! =:)
Even better question than VTOLs at sea: Why arent there more Ekranoplans flying around the sea at faster-than-ship speeds yet??? These things have been around for Years and no one has done anything with them! Imagine a 10 minute trip from LA to Catalina instead of the 30-45 minute trips its taking now...
I see everyone has beaten me to the 'Sea Harriers!!' response.

But I'll say it anyway, for Sea Harriers are shiny and nicey.
Oh that silvery material would be PERFECT for a costume of my character. Slight problem of affordability though. :(