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Aw! All the snow in Animal Crossing melted overnight. :-P Still, I did get to sell my first red turnip, which'll help pay off that modest 298,000 loan from that evil raccoon.

Ye gods. The Architect of Sleep may finally see completion.

Are there such things as pirate UMD games, or has the format eluded unauthorised duplication? And, is there a list somewhere of what PSP titles support play across the net, rather than merely "ad hoc" local networking?

tilton made an interesting discovery the other day.. "Born in a bookstore in a blighted 1960s Boston neighborhood, Firmin learns to read by digesting his nest of shredded books. But he quickly learns that a literate rat is a lonely rat." - "Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife", coming in April 2006.

Latin Vixen's made many a lovely costume, but this German Shepherd (head, at least) is simply outstanding.


Hafta use bait of cubed carrots to lure them? ^_^
*nods* With a sprinkling of fish flakes on 'em.
That head is awesome but the way it's sitting on the grass might freak some people out. :)
For a while there, I thought you meant Fleetfur's sketch. *giggle*
(Deleted comment)
Hee! I'd suspected as much, but the translation portrays him as a raccoon, so I went along with that. ^_^

I lost my petal parasol! :-P I swapped it out for the butterfly I just caught, and now I can't find it. ~pout~ And I think it was a Wednesday I picked up the bunny hood, though possibly Thursday - I'm not sure if the Able Sisters' selection rotates on a regular basis, or if it's just somewhat random, like Tom Nook's offerings (now I know what a slighshot's for, I'm wanting to lay my paws on one), but it's wonderfully cute. ^_^