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In positively shocking gaming news, Infinium Labs' SEC filing admits the Phantom is on indefinite hold. I was particularly tickled to see that, despite having nothing to sell, they've spent $35m on publicity (!).. compared to a tenth of that on R&D.

That was a fun little find on the net - a collection of "rare" Mike Oldfield tracks, such as "Let there be light (hardfloor dub)", and, in case you've been yearning for a jungle dub with banjo, "Moonshine (Jungle mix)". Seem to be mixes only released on specific single releases, on vinyl, and/or in a particular country, such as Germany and Japan. One of the highlights, though, has to be one of the simplest remixes - The Bell, with each instrument layer introduced, as if in a gesture of thanks to The Intro and the Outro, by Vivian Stanshall. Such a beautiful voice.

Engadget's showing off a fairly plausible future Apple goodie, with a "fun" announcement due on Tuesday the 28th. Place your bets! (FWIW, the comments suggest that if it's a fake, it's more likely something real being passed off as an Apple gadget, than Potatoshop at work)

If you couldn't attend FC2006, you can now find Timduru's footage over here, in 720x576 MPEG-4 and 352x288 MPEG-1 formats. The last 7-8 acts are apparently missing - if you have them, let him know!

According to a report in Biological Physiology, masturbation is inferior to sex, as measured quantitatively by the levels of prolactin and dopamine in (presumably) volunteers recently thusly engaged.

I feel like watching Gormenghast again - a wonderful production, and apparently not a bad adaptation of Mervyn Peake's Titus Groan and Gormenghast, in a mere four hours.

BTW, does anyone know offhand exactly why MPEG-2 DVD/DV in PALland uses 4:2:0 chroma sampling, whilst NTSCania uses 4:1:1? (Wonder if that also applies to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, both MPEG-4 based..)

Fancy making a public information film? The BBC's holding an informal contest - either of a modern peril, or in the style of some of the classics.

So, maybe Mickey (of the recent Doctor Who continuation) isn't a throwaway character after all? (Spoiler within)

Google Page Creator.. looks promising - along the lines of services like .Mac's website creation system, you choose the page layout and style from a variety of templates, seeing the results live. 100MB of space is included at the moment. (Though I've also noticed a report they've since closed the service to new accounts)

Another nail for UMD? PSPhacks is reporting a rev.2 of the PSP, for H2 2006, will feature 1GB of on-board NAND flash from Samsung, possibly displacing the UMD, although that's unclear from the article. (What capacity are DS cards?) [The original source appears to be Digitimes, known for mangling information, at least as far as forthcoming Apple goodies are concerned]

Hot on the heels of the nastygrammed anagrammed Tube maps (and other useful ones!) comes a version for Toronto. ^_^ I'm itching to see someone come up with a version for BART..

"Please tell Microsoft about this problem."

Tasty! Just some straight-to-wok noodles, some mangetout, asparagus, and baby corn (the supermarket sells those in handy triple-packs - great for times like these), a dash of sesame oil (for that fried noodle taste without using buckets of lard), some oyster sauce and sriracha, served alongside some marked-down black bean chicken.
Mike has been doing instrument introductions on records since TBs 1.

Have you heard TBs 3 yet?
Actually, I'm not sure I've even heard TB2 yet. ^_^; I did have all his albums up to Heaven's Open, on a combination of tape and CD (and sometimes tapes from CDs), but no longer.. I should remedy that sometime, as his work does seem to've withstood the test of time very well. (Sure, Earth Moving's very 80s, but I still like it a lot :)
(Deleted comment)
Oh, quite - I'd be surprised if most, if not all, of these weren't obtainable. That's part of the wonder of the net. ^_^ (Hence eBay, where just about anything can find an avid collector :) I'd not really paid much attention to MO in a while, though, so all of these are new to me.

Oooh.. GEMM duly bookmarked! Wonder if someone has that Skids album I've been wanting for a while.. kewl! Several copies of Days in Europa, including one for a svelte $6. *bounce* Thanks!
That Google Page creator looks nice...but I still prefer paw-coding my pages.
It's certainly very promising. I might try hacking up a replacement for my site's clip index there, and see how easily it works for a real page. 'Course, I should get off my tail and learn CSS.. browsers all seem to have pretty reasonable CSS2 support now, so I wouldn't be leaving anyone in the cold by moving away from pure HTML.

I wonder if the allowance will remain the same when the service goes fully live, or if it'll stay at 100MB. Gods know, I can use more than that easily - even without adding any extra material, I'm using somewhere around double that, and I've not even started on the travel footage. ^_^
I need to learn to actually utilize everything CSS has to offer. I'm almost embarrassed by latest style sheet.
BART, last time I was on it, closed all the toilets in the name of "Security". Twits.

Gormenghast was an interesting mini-series, right up until the point they went "Oh, fuck! We're nearly out of money! Let's wrap this up." Then ending was horribly rushed. Need to try the books and see how they fare.

I'm quite certain the matter of saving on maintenance costs didn't have anything to do with those closures, of course. *sigh* Ridiculous. But then, it seems possible to get away with anything, big or small, in the name of Fighting The War On Terra. Bunch of tiny-minded cowards. :-P

Mm, I should wander along to the local library and check TG out. Each part is a relatively hefty tome, as I recall, but if the quality of the writing's as satisfying as I'm led to believe, that would only be a good thing.
Some above-ground BART toilets outside SF are open, FWIW.

("Fuck, I'm in The Embarcadero and have to pee! Better take a trip to Fremont....")
It does seem a bit inconsistent - even San Leandro's are closed, not only the underground stations', but I think Macarthur's are open. Maybe there needs to be a site monitoring the status of each station's toilets - it could use the Dept of Fatherland Security's color coding as represented in a urine stream. (Which seems quite appropriate)

Fremont: City of Golden Showers.

Nah, they'll never go for it. Worth a try, though. ^_^

Thank you muchly for pasting the link to the Phantom Lapboard story Porsupah, it was just what I needed today to help with some technical research. ^_^
Yipe! I'm useful? ^_^

I still wish that OLED keyboard had been for real. True, there's a tiddly version supposedly on the way, but a genuinely fully reconfigurable keyboard would be damn cool. But, in a small discussion on rabitguy's journal a little while ago, I posited eInk technology would seem like a much more sensible choice, at least for mainstream keyboards, given you wouldn't need to alter the legends that often. The problem that seems more difficult in any such design (leaving aside parts costs) is just how to have electronics mounted in the keycap, and connected to the main board - as soon as you're looking at an electrical connection over a moving part, things become complicated. Still, who knows? Maybe the two sides of the "scissor" joint could form a serial connection (IIC or the like), with the minimal power required also taken off the signal, or even inducted.
A reconfigurable touchscreen keyboard would be useful. It seemed an overly expensive option til the advent of the Ninendo DS and suchlike.

On Star Trek: TNG onwards they used touchscreen techology for their interfaces. Instead of keyboards they used panels which displayed the controls as touchable graphics, and the key layouts could be reconfigured depending on what the workstation was being used for at the time.
I *heart* the London U'ground. When I lived there (in London, not the Underground) at the age of eight, we used to play a board game based on the downtown section. I used to know the names of every line and location of every station. I still remember some of it, but know nothing that was built/changed after we left in 1977.
It's surprising just how much recent work there's been! The Docklands, the Heathrow extension.. it's quite a remarkable system, even if it does insist on closing down sometime after midnight - for a major capital city, quite inexplicable; but then, I've been known to be something of a nocturnal sort. ^_^

Of course, if I were Governor of California, I'd want BART (a) 24 hours, (b) entirely around the Bay, down to Monterey, up into Marin, and over to at least Livermore, if not Sacramento. And full speed ahead with the LA high-speed rail link. And Muni could easily gain some more tunnel work, especially heading north, somewhere around Van Ness.
BART around the bay could have happened in 1972 -- if San Mateo county et al. had agreed to buy in. Marin, alas, will probably *never* have BART. Putting a tunnel under the Golden Gate is difficult, but I think the real reason is that Marinites don't want public transit making it easier for the riff-raff to invade. Seriously.
P.S. I understand it's possible for foreigners to become Governor of California... not that that would ever happen, of course.
According to a report in Biological Physiology, masturbation is inferior to sex, as measured quantitatively by the levels of prolactin and dopamine in (presumably) volunteers recently thusly engaged.

So, just hypothetically, where would sex with plush fit on the scale? ;)

"In positively shocking gaming news, Infinium Labs' SEC filing admits the Phantom is on indefinite hold."

I am shocked, you hear me, SHOCKED!!
I never saw that coming!

Okay, okay, enough sarcasm.
"The Phantom" is such an appropriate name for this thing. "VaporStation" also has a nice ring to it.
I saw the booth and pamphlets at E3 two years ago, and pretty much figure it would never happen.