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The Were-Rabbit is a winner! (Well, we knew that anyway) - it was the recipient of "Outstanding British Film of the Year" at the 2006 BAFTA awards. Jolly good show, what?

Does anyone have recommendations for laptop insurance? (As a standalone policy, not a rider) It needs to be worldwide, but other than that, I'm open to any suggestions. I'd really prefer nothing happened to Hyzenthlay, but I'd want to be back up and running within a day or two if it did. (In particular, I'm thinking of someone deciding they want it much more than I do, the bag falling off my shoulder, or it taking a spill from a nearby Coke)

Did you know that being an active member of the Church of the Sub-Genius could lose you custody of your son? More here.

It looks like the long-rumored Battle Angel Alita live action movie, directed by James Cameron, might actually see the light of day - but not until September 2009. Meanwhile, it does indeed appear the Evangelion live action movie is proceeding, with a budget in the region of $100-120m, and a 2007 release. Now Gainax can annoy a whole new audience with a non-Hollywood ending. Hee!

Hm! Looking at BoingBoing's current stats, we see Windows claiming 71.1% of all hits, Mac OS (not separated by OS X or "classic") at 19%, "Unknown" at 5.5%, Linux with 4%, followed by the "pure" *BSDs. As for browser: Firefox 44.4%, IE 30.3%, Safari 12.1%, and so on. I wonder if they could break those stats down by time of visit? One might suspect a difference between office hours and other times.

Egad! The Sam & Max shirts finally arrived. (Made in Nicaragua, of all places!)

I wonder if bosn or patch_bunny have ever had to contend with a situation like this backhoe driver and a bridge..

I'd like to find out more about these solar panels. The article claims - perhaps mistakenly, given it's in a general newspaper rather than a scientific journal - the secret sauce is a photoreactive alloy, which could indeed suggest simple, and thus cheap, manufacturing. (Though even current panels work reasonably well - that so much energy is squandered is most regrettable)

Mmm, that was good.. some ham tortellini, boiled for a couple minutes with a layer of mangetout on top (to steam them at the same time), then drained. Then I added some bought spinach & ricotta sauce, a couple sliced-up chipolatas, a pich of garlic powder, and a small dash of sriracha. Numptiousness!

That was a slightly close call.. before setting off on the grand supermarket quest, I thought I'd swap Taiko no Tatsujin Portable into the PSP, where Mercury's been resident for the past week or two. And then wondered where the hell the UMD eject switch was, eventually realising (I smart, I is!) it wasn't there any more. The tiny plastic slider had somehow fallen off (!) while in my pocket. Seems fine now, but maybe I'll keep a bit of tape on it.

I'm trying to believe the original letter was written satirically, but that hardly seems likely. Have a peek at the letter written by a Denver neighborhood resident, and an agony aunt's response to her.

Apology might help ease tension in neighborhood

By Amy Dickinson

Tribune Media Services

Dear Amy: My husband and I have lived in our quiet suburban Denver neighborhood for six years.

About two years ago two young gay men moved in across the street. They've taken the ugliest, most run-down property in the neighborhood and remodeled and transformed it into the pride of the street.

When it snows, they shovel out my car and are friendly, yet they mostly keep to themselves.

Last month I went out to retrieve my newspaper and watched them kiss each other goodbye and embrace as they each left for work.

I was appalled that they would do something like that in plain view of everyone.

I was so disturbed that I spoke to my pastor. He encouraged me to draft a letter telling them how much we appreciate their help but asking them to refrain from that behavior in our neighborhood.

I did so and asked a few of our neighbors to sign it.

Since I delivered it, I've not been able to get them to even engage me in conversation.

I offer greetings but they've chosen to ignore me.

They have made it so uncomfortable for the other neighbors and me by not even acknowledging our presence.

How would you suggest we open communications with them and explain to them that we value their contributions to the neighborhood but will not tolerate watching unnatural and disturbing behavior. - Wondering

Dear Wondering: You're lucky that these gentlemen merely choose to ignore you.

Your neighbors could respond to your hospitality by hosting weekly outdoor "gay pride" barbecues and inviting all of their friends to enjoy life on our quiet suburban street.

I can hold out hope that they will choose to do this, but I'm spiteful in that way. Your neighbors sound much more kind.

In your original petition to these men, you basically stated that while you value them when they are raising the standard on your street and shoveling your driveway, you loathe them for being who they are.

The only way to open communication with your neighbors would be to start by apologizing to them for engaging your other neighbors in your campaign. Because you don't sound likely to apologize, you are just going to have to tolerate being ignored.
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