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Blame loganberrybunny for bringing this to my attention.. Tom Baker Tells Jokes, courtesy of BT's SMS-phone gateway service.

The thought occurs: wouldn't a Feral-style furry camp/con work well elsewhere too? EuroFurence seems to be doing well out of it - how about something down around Monterey, or up in Marin County somewhere? (I'd say Britain too, but a furcon within the borders of the United Kingdom is one of the signs of the apocalypse)

foofers noted this breathtaking dragon ironwork. It really has to be seen to be believed.

w00t! I'm on SL. And I'm not human, courtesy of the extraordinarily helpful foxymoonheart, whose av-building skills I can but regard with admiration. ^_^ I can definitely see myself getting into construction and scripting, with a focus on avatars and clothing; but being a naked ringtail isn't such a bad way to find oneself. ^_^ Is it worth shelling out money for a paid account? (For now, I'm simply on a free basic account; I might upgrade at some point, if it all works out. So far, it's looking encouraging) What events and places can folks recommend?

Out of curiosity, how impossible would it be to have an actual transformation in SL, unobscured by any effects - actually witnessing the change from one species to another? I've barely touched prims at all, let alone scripting, so it might be a complete non-starter, or just too heavy on the bandwidth to be usable.

Just for fun, I should try the SL client on Ocelot.. the framerate might not be too astonishing. :) (400MHz TiBook, 8MB Rage 128 Mobility.. actually, the client might not even run on it)

Courtesy of rubberskunk, a delectable TF story - Surf's Up. It's ottah time! Add in some lycra too.. really not such a bad combination. Oh, and sex. (I've heard about that)

Browsing around Wikipedia, I noticed this piece of trivia: "In an episode of the show Futurama called 'The Farnsworth Parabox', an alternate universe where everyone is a hippie is numbered as Universe 420." ^_^

<td>*squee!* I've got all of Dick Spanner!</td><td></td>
w00t! I'm on SL. And I'm not human, courtesy of the extraordinarily helpful foxymoonheart, whose av-building skills I can but regard with admiration. ^_^

Ooh, might we be seeing some screenshots of your avatar in the future? =:)

...but being a naked ringtail isn't such a bad way to find oneself.

Wouldn't be my first choice for species, but I certainly can't argue otherwise =;P

I would love to give SL a proper go sometime, but the only system in my house that can even begin to contemplate running the client is kehaar. It starts up just fine, but I don't even have to break out the 'hrair' to describe the framerate provided by that poor thing's ancient integrated graphics chipset and the world is a bit frustrating to navigate without a real mouse.
Oh, this is just temporary, until I get a permanent avatar sorted out - I didn't want to be running around as a hairless ape any longer than necessary, and foxymoonheart came to the rescue in style. ^_^ I'll see if I can remember to grab a pic or two when I'm on next - probably later tonight.

Thing is, I do like Lusk's bunnies, but I'd prefer perkier ears, and definitely a proper V-nose - that's one of the cutest features of the lapine face, I'd say. ^_^ Being able to nosetwitch would be nice, but being able to position my ears according to mood or focus would be very nifty - and probably quite feasible, but I should probably try making a moomintroll or Totoro first, before going headlong into a full avatar.. :)

Integrated graphics? Eek! Given SL loads Hyzenthlay's Radeon 9700 Mobility quite well.. actually, it probably doesn't - the bottleneck's surely not in the GPU, as far as SL goes. Pity the client's not open, but I suppose that would imperil the SL economy.. then again, maybe the rendering engine and other portions could be separated out as libraries, and those released under some open license.

I should give it a try with a mouse sometime.. ^_^ Or, indeed, the tablet itself (which came with a cordless mouse) - might be quite interesting, using an absolute positioning device in that context. A touchscreen à la Animal Crossing: Wild World could be ideal, but I'm thinking we may not want to wait for a DS client. :)
Actually for all you both go on about poor graphics hardware and low framerates, I was quite surprised to find out that a surprisingly large number of people do scrape by on SL with less than 5fps... o.o

The main bottleneck with SL seems to be to do with its policy of storing everything server side, hence everything has to be downloaded as you move before it can even render. Even with high-speed connections, thats a lot of load for the servers to be coping with.

I do believe I have an unused Lusk Ringtail av in my inventory which you're welcome to as well, if its not the one you already have. =:) As for shelling out for a paid account, I'd not say it was worth it. It lets you own land so you can build a house... but I'd hardly say it was worth nearly £10 a month for that priviledge. =:P
It's just a pity the framerate is that low - a much more fluid rate would only serve to enhance the experience. Not to mention making it much easier to walk around without overshooting, though I suppose that's more up to server lag than the client. (It didn't help much that Dwellget was the scene of some shooting when we first visited - that, or something else, absolutely murdered the framerate down to less than 1fps. Restarting it seemed to cure the problem - it looks like I can get in the region of 3-8fps, depending on location, and the complexity of graphics options turned on. Indeed, the location seems as much of a determining factor as anything, hence my supposition that the client isn't GPU-bound in this instance. Dropping down to an 800x600 window doesn't really affect the framerate much. (A Radeon 9700 Mobility, after all, isn't quite the worst thing out there, even if, by virtue of being more than six hours old, it isn't the state of the art any longer :)

All that said, I really enjoyed my first day out on SL. ^_^ (And it'll be even better when I'm actually a bunny - not, as I said, that there's anything terribly wrong with being a ringtail :)

Actually, it seems it's not quite that bad: $10/mo, $22.50/qtr, or $72/yr. But yes, land ownership isn't something I'm aiming for any time soon, and there are the sandbox areas where I can try my paw at actually making interestingly malformed objects. ^_^

Come to think of it, I'm not sure where this ringtail came from! It might be one of foxymoonheart's own creations, even. Are you able to give it away? I thought Lusk's avs were non-transferable, but I could well be misunderstanding the terminology. Utter noob, remember. ^_^;

(And of course, I'm very pleased they're not confining themselves just to Windows, with the OS X version out, and one for Linux in beta, as I understand. Just can't help but wonder if there mightn't be scope for some code optimisation.. :)
Normally the Lusk ones are non-copy, non-transfer, however this one is specifically marked as free so I presume is transferable (I was given it anyway). I think a note in it said it was because its a very old one from back when they were still experimenting with the things, so not quite as up to the standards of the current ones they sell.
Oh my gosh, when you said "ironwork" I thought you meant a wrought-iron gate or railing or something, which would indeed be impressive in dragon form. But this is just beyond impressive.
I was just outright astonished.. if it's that impressive just in some photos, gods.. I'd love to see it in RL. I wonder where it'll wind up? (Please let it be somewhere it'll be seen! A modern art museum would be good, or if the weatherproofing really is up to the task, even outside some office block where the landlord or CEO has a sense of humor :)

Any department in the ivory towers you know of with a budget that needs using up? ^_^
he quotes movies, and sings "Radio Star" as well
I'd love to know if the Buggles members have heard that version. It'd be a hoot to have the original and that released anew.. ^_^

Pity Tom's only voicing that service for three months, but ISTR the idea being to have a different celebrity every quarter. Not that I have much need of an SMS->phone gateway, though the technology does look pretty spiffy - it seems to be able to cope with any arbitrary sentence very well, and can even translate txt->English. :)