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Courtesy of mycroftb, my favorite bunny oekaki of the moment, by BA. ^_^ (Very much not work-safe) Doesn't he look so happy? (And here's a 1680x1050 version, suitable for use as a background image on a 17" PowerBook)

bohor explains the appeal of luge racing. ^_^

In case you missed it, here's (12.6MB) the Daily Show's look on Monday at Cheney's shooting incident; would you believe there's some degree of snark involved? Absolutely classic. ^_^ And as a bonus, the same show's glance (5.1MB) at the Olympics opening ceremonies.

10.4.5 is now out. Doesn't look like anything particularly exciting or urgent, but updating is never a bad idea.

I was saddened to learn of the death of Andreas Katsulas, one of the people who helped make Babylon 5 such a special series. Feb 13, of lung cancer, apparently.

No word on availability or price, but there's a version of Opera heading for the DS, supporting both screens, and touchscreen navigation.

Could be fun: this Saturday, the Electric Sheep Company's hosting a party in Washington DC and in Second Life simultaneously, with video from RL reflected into SL and vice versa, and RL goers controlling SL avatars. No word on SL folk being able to control RL goers, but I'm confident something will be worked out in time.

This is a spider, one of several new species recently discovered in Madagascar.

Musical oddity for the day: Unknown Street Musicians in Vietnam (27MB). As the title implies, it's live from the streets, so you do get the occasional car hooting and such, for that authentic festival experience. ^_^ Its origins are, unfortunately, unknown.

Eep! Checking comparative features and prices between regions, I noticed quite an attractive DVD bargain. Mirrormask for £15, or, much more interesting, a box set of that, and Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, for the princely sum of £18 delivered. (Of course, there's a catch: it's not out until June, whereas the R1 release has just come out - no box set, though)

Did anyone dare watch more of Loonatics beyond its debut? Did it maintain its initial.. promise?

It seems not all realtors in NYC are scrupulously honest. (Bonus in the comments: "The best real estate listing we ever saw was titled, Own a piece of the frontier and was for a 7-story walkup in a very urban part of Boston, where the tenant on the 7th floor had an extensive gun collection and an aversion to paying rent.")

And to end this cutlet of information, please enjoy this puppy monorail.
That is certainly one of the oddest looking spiders I've ever seen. He's kind of neat, though. I'd love to go and get lost in Madagascar for a while, it really does seem to have a lot of fun inhabitants.
While there's something left of the place! ^_^;; Seems the islanders are busy engaging in the usual hack'n'slash of the forestlands, eliminating lemur habitat as they do so. Of course, that'll leave them with an Amazonian wasteland, just much, much less of it. *sigh* I should look into what conservation efforts are being mounted, as well as the creation of industries that won't exhaust the environment in short order.

Definitely, Madagascar does sound like a fascinating country, though - plenty of local culture and music, not to mention many a wild lemur (although most lemurs look fairly wild even in captivity :), carrying their tails high and proud. ^_^

I should watch Dinosaur again. ^_^ Not exactly historically accurate, but still.. Plio was so cute. :)