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If you've got an OS X or OS 9 system, Burning Monkey's currently having a sale on some of their titles, including the eternally cool Wipeout 2097 for $4.95. ('Course, how much delivery comes to is another matter.. ^_^)

Meanwhile, Small Dog Electronics have a new drawing (on April 1st), for an iPod mini. (They're a good lot - any email address given to them won't become a spam magnet)

And for Panther and Jaguar users, Security Update 2004-01-26 is now available via Software Update, touching Apache, Classic, Mail, Samba, and Safari.
Yay, an iPod Mini! I still think those things look ugly, but then again, pictures can be deciving. Maybe if it's lighter and thinner than it looks.......

Hm, sercurity update that touches Apache. Phooey. Bet that'll mess up my webserver. Oh well...
They might be.. certainly, I was quite surprised when I finally got to see an iPod in person just how tiny it really was, so the mini looks to be even further into the list of prey for couches. I'd probably still go for a "vanilla" one, if I were in the market, simply for the extra capacity - that said, I only have around 6GB of music on Ocelot, so, if I wound up winning that Small Dog prize, I'm sure I could be quite content with it. ^_^

Mm, probably worth checking the usual forums for information onthe update - yes, I recall others have been rather uncivil in overwriting certain Apache config files, or at least pushing them out of the way. Other than that, the update seemed to take uneventfully on Ocelot and Mouse.

Thinking of such things, I really should make up some sort of homepage someday.. I did have one running a few years ago, on my NextStation. (Which is still alive and mostly well, but the drive seemed to give up the ghost, so that needs replacing - just some tiny 3.5" SCSI will do. Trouble being, of course, that it'd have to be safely behind a tall firewall, given how comparatively ancient its versions of sendmail and the like are.. would be interesting to see if there are NS enthusiasts making current releases of such components available)
So far no problems. It didn't push my config file out of the way...

NextStation.. this thing?.
Ah, cool.. that's a (welcome) change in update behavior, IIRC. Seems a couple buffer overflow bugs got squished in that. Amazing that people are still managing to write code with such vulnerabilities..

Yep, that's the critter! ^_^ Very nice systems to use.. policy at a previous job mandated a NeXT on everyone's desk. I also had a Cube with a NextDimension board, which sadly I didn't manage to leave with - the NeXT was actually a present from the co-founder, as I'd been running a MUCK on it, and he didn't want to cause any interruption of service to it. A very cool place, and a very cool guy.
Heh. Yeah, one would think people would be more careful with their code.. but it's hard to catch and think of every possible way people could break the code. And when you get code that massive, there's bound to be problems somewhere...

Mmm.. it's been... 3 or 4 years since I've wandered onto a MU*... Heh, that is really nice of him...