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Here's a remarkably professional Batman short (84MB), set more or less in the animated series' world, but using CG lego. ^_^ (Yes, there's a lego Catwoman. Which may or may not be as wrong as Seymour Skinner as her, in My Big Fat Geek Wedding - though I thought he played the part surprisingly well :)

I think there's one or two furs here who might do well by modelling these swimsuits.. ^_^ (No prices listed, which suggests "if you have to ask..")

Word has it that the next season of Doctor Who will start in the UK on April 15th. And everywhere else with net.connectivity.

Remember the cookie-stealing bunny pic? It's.. not quite the same when re-enacted by a human. ^_^

The NHS comes to save Britain and the world, with orgasm and masturbation advice: "If you’re unaware of your pelvic floor muscles, the easiest way to find them is by stopping and starting your urine flow the next time you visit the toilet. Exercise by clenching these fab muscles regularly and you’ll improve blood flow to the genitals, aid sexual arousal and make orgasms more intense, frequent and longer for you both. Best of all, you can do them anywhere, anytime – even while sat at your desk or waiting at traffic lights!"

Hm! I don't normally use Safari or Shiira, but SurfRabbit looks like quite a handy plugin for either. It's no GreaseMonkey, but then again, Firefox is no OmniWeb.

Here's quite a fun summary of Harper's first days as Canada's PM. It'd make a wonderful set of trading cards. ^_^

Not bad! Seems if you own any of the individual previous versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, et al, you can upgrade to the full Final Cut Studio for $199. Considering the prices FCP4 and friends seem to go for on eBay, that could mean getting the whole shebang for $300 or so - and that amounts to Universal Binaries (ie PPC and Intel) for Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2, and DVD Studio Pro 4, all HD and SD-ready - compared to the list price of $1299.

A forthcoming Congressional report due later this week, on the Katrina response - produced by an 11-member House select committee of Republicans chaired by Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) - "lays primary fault with the passive reaction and misjudgments of top Bush aides, singling out Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Operations Center and the White House Homeland Security Council, according to a 60-page summary of the document obtained by The Washington Post. Regarding Bush, the report found that 'earlier presidential involvement could have speeded the response' because he alone could have cut through all bureaucratic resistance."

VoIP rates do seem to be becoming more interesting - Packet8's international plan, f'rex, offers unlimited calling to much of Europe (oddly, including the Czech Republic and Poland, but not Slovakia or Hungary), the major East Asian nations, AU/NZ, and others, for $50/mo, also including unlimited Canada & US calling. Maybe I should try compiling some comparisons between providers sometime - everyone knows about Skype and Vonage, but there's surely others, as this lot indicate.

Here's a memorable ad for a cosmetics company. It's not work-safe. And here's a souvenir LJ icon from it, to more easily share the experience, and for dialup folks. (Also not worksafe)
Mmmm yes.. those Camaro's are quite nice :) Never had an experiences with one, however I have Quintana Roo and Orca :), both also very nice :)
Oooh.. site duly bookmarked. ^_^ Feel like showing them off? :)

I must perform further research into these companies. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Assuming you're permitted to do so, will we be seeing photos thereof? :) Any idea how much those cost? It looked as if they were wanting people to buy through retailers, rather than themselves directly, though maybe I'm just misinterpreting the mailto link for sales on their site.

Is she a British citizen? If so, that wouldn't be any legal problem at all - indeed, I've heard of same-sex couples coming together in the UK (so to speak) on a permanent basis. Probably stacks of paperwork involved, of course, given that's the lifeblood of any bureaucracy. (And then, on the other paw, we have the surreal story of Joycelyn Elders.. *sigh*)
There certainly seems to have been an inordinate number of political news items in Canada recently. I haven't mentioned too many in my journal because I've been waiting for things to settle down a little before I make up my mind.

One of the things that the Daily KOS entry forgot to mention (of which terminotaur reminded me IRL) was that Harper's parliamentary secretary to la Francophonie and Official Languages can't speak French! :-)

And as mentioned in Daily KOS, the NDP - "The NDP has jumped on board, issuing veiled threats to bring down the government" - yep, the NDP hasn't changed at all compared to before the election. :-P I'd hate for them to bring down the government *now* - I'd want to wait until the Liberals at least had a leader. Otherwise, it'd just be another temporary minority government, maybe the same, maybe different, but it wouldn't make much difference...
Ye gods.. is the NDP wanting to bring Italian style politics into the country? ^_^ Much as I love proportional representation, there are better and worse ways of implementing such a notion, I think we can say. Come to that, how does voting work in Canada - PR, or the more traditional British method of putting a scratch by the least disliked candidate?

Hee! Yes, I saw that about the Francophone appointee. Classic! And not an elected appointee, either, as I recall. From Alberta, ne? A region well known for its heavy French-speaking populace.. O.o

(Do check out that Daily Show clip - quite amusing, if you like Jon Stewart's style :)
Those bouncy boobies ... *stares at boobies* ... look allllmooost like they're heart-shaped if you stare and squint enough.

It's a good thing I have the ghey gene or I would go blind. :)
I think I've had moments very similar to that cosmetics ad.

Ahh...strange days indeed. (Most peculiar mama)

Strangely, I am reminded of meatspin.com. ^_^;
Here's a memorable ad for a cosmetics company. It's not work-safe. And here's a souvenir LJ icon from it, to more easily share the experience, and for dialup folks. (Also not worksafe)

Just as a hypothetical question, does the nudity in that commercial count? After all, if "work safeness" depends on whether one biological sex can see "taboo" parts of the other genetically that jiggling chest is work safe. (And of course we can't see anything else strictly reproductively related either.) ;^)