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Thanks to the wonders of the net, I finally got to see Bill Oddie's Watership Down (44MB). ^_^ He took a look around some of the locations featured, adding a little background to the story's genesis, in a pocket-sized eight minutes.

The Daily Show was on top form with Ed Helms' look at gay marriage in Massachussetts. ^_^

Disney now owns Oswald the Lucky Rabbit again, trading him for a sportscaster. (Oswald was Disney's first creation, but control lay with Universal; he left, and came up with Mickey Mouse instead)

Mmmm. I started with a frozen deep dish "meat feast" pizza, added a nice sprinkling of garlic powder (not the same as freshly crushed cloves, certainly, but so very convenient), some hot smoked paprika, a handful of chopped ham, a few sliced shiitake, and a drizzling of oyster sauce. A combination to remember. :-9
It's such a bizarre contrast, between people like Jon Stewart, Ed Helms, and the rest of the crew, and most news anchors - it's as if all sense of political savvy is surgically removed prior to being put in front of a camera. (I shan't bother with the current crop of "commentators", who border between somewhat antagonistic and outright professional trolls)

I'll specifically exclude Olbermann - he's quite the rare bird in US political television, being someone who performs the almost lost art of "investigative journalism" on occasion. Not as cute as Stewart, though. ^_^