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Thanks to the wonders of the net, I finally got to see Bill Oddie's Watership Down (44MB). ^_^ He took a look around some of the locations featured, adding a little background to the story's genesis, in a pocket-sized eight minutes.

The Daily Show was on top form with Ed Helms' look at gay marriage in Massachussetts. ^_^

Disney now owns Oswald the Lucky Rabbit again, trading him for a sportscaster. (Oswald was Disney's first creation, but control lay with Universal; he left, and came up with Mickey Mouse instead)

Mmmm. I started with a frozen deep dish "meat feast" pizza, added a nice sprinkling of garlic powder (not the same as freshly crushed cloves, certainly, but so very convenient), some hot smoked paprika, a handful of chopped ham, a few sliced shiitake, and a drizzling of oyster sauce. A combination to remember. :-9
I'd say they're keeping the rest of CBS Sports to buy Keith Olbermann, given MSNBC seems to have little idea what to do with him

Well, I'd think that Disney would love to be able to trade the whole of the CBS Sports division to buy Keith Olbermann, seeing as how Disney owns ABC ;-)

As for Keith Olbermann, his Countdown show on MSNBC is the one nightly show I try to catch every night. Not only can he tackle serious topics with skill, he can be outright insanely funny when the topic warrants ;-) Plus he's more than willing and able to put the Fox News Channel in its place for some of its journalistic (sic) insanities *grin*. For instance, Olbermann reported last night (with actual video) that Fox News, while cheerleading for the Bush Administration's supposed thwarting of a terrorist attack via hijacked airplanes on Los Angeles skyscrapers, illustrated what such an attack might have looked like by showing scenes of aliens zapping LA in Independence Day :-P