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Thanks to the wonders of the net, I finally got to see Bill Oddie's Watership Down (44MB). ^_^ He took a look around some of the locations featured, adding a little background to the story's genesis, in a pocket-sized eight minutes.

The Daily Show was on top form with Ed Helms' look at gay marriage in Massachussetts. ^_^

Disney now owns Oswald the Lucky Rabbit again, trading him for a sportscaster. (Oswald was Disney's first creation, but control lay with Universal; he left, and came up with Mickey Mouse instead)

Mmmm. I started with a frozen deep dish "meat feast" pizza, added a nice sprinkling of garlic powder (not the same as freshly crushed cloves, certainly, but so very convenient), some hot smoked paprika, a handful of chopped ham, a few sliced shiitake, and a drizzling of oyster sauce. A combination to remember. :-9
If you'd said you were looking, I'd have sent you the Watership Down thing sooner, as I specially captured it in MPEG4 for people like yourself. =;)
Eep! Oh, it's a safe bet I'll be interested in anything lapine on TV. ^_^ Is it a better quality version? This was apparently off an analogue broadcast, so the original's slightly noisy - I shrank it a bit (down to 640x352) to diminish the effects, which worked pretty well.

Don't suppose you'd have any good shows looking at the life of wild rabbits, would you? Seems it could be quite a fascinating study, as well as pleasing to the eye. ^_^
The quality is a little higher, though in actual fact that copy you have must have come from a Digital Broadcast too as it's in 16:9. Probably not worth a 63mb download though unless you're really interested in an extra 50 seconds of Bill introducing the programme at the beginning.
Don't suppose you'd have any good shows looking at the life of wild rabbits, would you?

If you ever find an old (early 1980s?) Open University programme called Rabbits and Chalk Grassland, then I'd definitely recommend that. I did once have it on video, but sadly that tape seems to have gone to stay with El-ahrairah's Owsla...
Disney now owns Oswald the Lucky Rabbit again, trading him for a sportscaster.

Al Michaels traded for a cartoon rabbit. Seems a little unfair, don't it? They shoulda traded the entire CBS Sports division. :)
I'm looking forward to Oswald making a guest appearance during a high-profile sports broadcast, just to rub it in. :)

I'd say they're keeping the rest of CBS Sports to buy Keith Olbermann, given MSNBC seems to have little idea what to do with him. He could even pull double time and serve as sportscaster too, given his ESPN history. ^_^
I'd say they're keeping the rest of CBS Sports to buy Keith Olbermann, given MSNBC seems to have little idea what to do with him

Well, I'd think that Disney would love to be able to trade the whole of the CBS Sports division to buy Keith Olbermann, seeing as how Disney owns ABC ;-)

As for Keith Olbermann, his Countdown show on MSNBC is the one nightly show I try to catch every night. Not only can he tackle serious topics with skill, he can be outright insanely funny when the topic warrants ;-) Plus he's more than willing and able to put the Fox News Channel in its place for some of its journalistic (sic) insanities *grin*. For instance, Olbermann reported last night (with actual video) that Fox News, while cheerleading for the Bush Administration's supposed thwarting of a terrorist attack via hijacked airplanes on Los Angeles skyscrapers, illustrated what such an attack might have looked like by showing scenes of aliens zapping LA in Independence Day :-P
Pizza suggestion: Try putting little dallops of sour cream on before baking. Rich. But yum!
Now that sounds soo-wrong that its right!
Mmm! I think I had a pizza once with smoked salmon and sour cream.. ^_^ Come to that, Round Table, back in Medford, did quite a good garlic chicken pizza with a cream sauce instead of the usual marinara - very tasty, but fiendishly rich. The temptation was always to eat too much of it, and feel way-more-than-full for the rest of the evening.. ^_^;;

I need to make a good shrimp pizza again sometime. I just gravitate towards meat much too easily. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
I just loved the bit where The Question was asked - how exactly has gay marriage affected The Abominable Mr Phobe's own marriage? Gods, if the press could only shine some light on that, maybe we could see this fake sensibility melt away, exposing the bitter hatred for what it really is, however expensive a suit it's wrapped up in.

You know you're very fortunate to have found someone so special to you, don't you? ^_^ (Maybe someday, for me.. I'm still not quite sure whether it is indeed "better to have loved and lost", as even now, ten years from when my then-love and I split apart, I wonder what things might've been like, had things maybe gone differently. Still, it does little good to indulge in navel contemplation, unless mistakes can be realised and taken to heart)

In Rhode Island? Egad.. seems a bit surprising, given that's not exactly redneck territory (though I'm much more familiar with California and Oregon than New York or Joisey :), but small minds are surely to be found just about everywhere, only in greatly differing densities. ^_^

Now the lesson needs to be exported nationwide, and yea verily, also unto the auspices of the INS.
(Deleted comment)
It's such a bizarre contrast, between people like Jon Stewart, Ed Helms, and the rest of the crew, and most news anchors - it's as if all sense of political savvy is surgically removed prior to being put in front of a camera. (I shan't bother with the current crop of "commentators", who border between somewhat antagonistic and outright professional trolls)

I'll specifically exclude Olbermann - he's quite the rare bird in US political television, being someone who performs the almost lost art of "investigative journalism" on occasion. Not as cute as Stewart, though. ^_^