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Oh, yes. Trailer for The Fountain, Darren Aronofsky's (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) latest work.

Notes on the Superbowl broadcast, for those not so desperately interested in the event. 'And again with the nuclear shaving. I'm planning a whole ad campaign now. Images of Bikini Atoll being gradually shaved down by more and more close-cutting blades. Khrushchev banging a Mach 3 on a table at the UN. "WE WILL SHAVE YOU!"'

Via electropaw - if you're sufficiently geeky enough to see what Google's up to, in this report on the search term 'scritch', you might recognise the photo of a certain werewolf. ^_^ It begins with the recent Pennsylvania Tourism Board's "Shining" parody..

If you remember the timeless Enter the Cow-orker, you may be pleased to learn he's now updating its successor instead, Blunt Trauma - tales of terrifying idiocy in manglement. Start at May 2005, but it's really (not) getting going by July. And by then.. oh, by then, you'll regard Dilbert as a cheery utopian ideal.

(And slycat might like following the link from there to The Chronicles of George, helpdesk tickets which.. speak for themselves)

Oooh.. want a robot pony? "Butterscotch" is 40" tall, and yours for $300. ^_^
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And here's a peek at Flushed Away, plus a short article in USA Today, with a couple images from the film. 'One creature is destined to upstage the rest: Le Frog, a hit amphibian spoken by French actor Jean Reno. Wasn't he insulted to play, well, a frog? "At first we thought we should have a British comic do it because there is a tradition of the Brits ripping into the French," Fell says. "But a newer idea was to have a French actor do it. It's fantastic to hear this deep, rich voice coming out of this tough little frog."' The CG doesn't quite capture Aardman's stop-motion style, but it looks like it'll do. ^_^

"I am pitied by my rabbit."
And of course, CG affords the benefits of permitting complex sets without having to physically construct them all in miniature - though that hardly stopped Were-Rabbit from being quite impressive cinematically. ^_^ (I know I'm going to weaken and pick up the DVD before long. The Bun-Vac 6000.. *giggle* Or the "residents" scampering around while Gromit's trying his best to make dinner for them.. ah, such a great film!)

Similarly, the recent CG series of Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet took great advantage of those possibilities, making for far grander adventures than the original, whilst still retaining a remarkable degree of fidelity to the original designs.

BTW, don't suppose you've noticed any preliminary artwork for Ratatouille? I'm most curious to see what kind of visual style they'll adopt, particularly given they've not had much of a furry background thus far, Sulley notwithstanding. (And he certainly turned out well, though on the CG fur front, I'd still rate the Dinosaur lemurs quite highly)