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Oh, yes. Trailer for The Fountain, Darren Aronofsky's (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) latest work.

Notes on the Superbowl broadcast, for those not so desperately interested in the event. 'And again with the nuclear shaving. I'm planning a whole ad campaign now. Images of Bikini Atoll being gradually shaved down by more and more close-cutting blades. Khrushchev banging a Mach 3 on a table at the UN. "WE WILL SHAVE YOU!"'

Via electropaw - if you're sufficiently geeky enough to see what Google's up to, in this report on the search term 'scritch', you might recognise the photo of a certain werewolf. ^_^ It begins with the recent Pennsylvania Tourism Board's "Shining" parody..

If you remember the timeless Enter the Cow-orker, you may be pleased to learn he's now updating its successor instead, Blunt Trauma - tales of terrifying idiocy in manglement. Start at May 2005, but it's really (not) getting going by July. And by then.. oh, by then, you'll regard Dilbert as a cheery utopian ideal.

(And slycat might like following the link from there to The Chronicles of George, helpdesk tickets which.. speak for themselves)

Oooh.. want a robot pony? "Butterscotch" is 40" tall, and yours for $300. ^_^
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And here's a peek at Flushed Away, plus a short article in USA Today, with a couple images from the film. 'One creature is destined to upstage the rest: Le Frog, a hit amphibian spoken by French actor Jean Reno. Wasn't he insulted to play, well, a frog? "At first we thought we should have a British comic do it because there is a tradition of the Brits ripping into the French," Fell says. "But a newer idea was to have a French actor do it. It's fantastic to hear this deep, rich voice coming out of this tough little frog."' The CG doesn't quite capture Aardman's stop-motion style, but it looks like it'll do. ^_^

"I am pitied by my rabbit."
My god. It's like they picked all the actors that you're going to go for if you're a major dweeb. And it's still Aardman enough that the story will actually have something more than just CGI flashiness.
And of course, CG affords the benefits of permitting complex sets without having to physically construct them all in miniature - though that hardly stopped Were-Rabbit from being quite impressive cinematically. ^_^ (I know I'm going to weaken and pick up the DVD before long. The Bun-Vac 6000.. *giggle* Or the "residents" scampering around while Gromit's trying his best to make dinner for them.. ah, such a great film!)

Similarly, the recent CG series of Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet took great advantage of those possibilities, making for far grander adventures than the original, whilst still retaining a remarkable degree of fidelity to the original designs.

BTW, don't suppose you've noticed any preliminary artwork for Ratatouille? I'm most curious to see what kind of visual style they'll adopt, particularly given they've not had much of a furry background thus far, Sulley notwithstanding. (And he certainly turned out well, though on the CG fur front, I'd still rate the Dinosaur lemurs quite highly)
I want a robot pony!
If there isn't one at Further Confusion next year, I'll be most disappointed. :)

(And I want one too!)
(Deleted comment)
Well, it was just sort of fun seeing that segue into furrydom, and recognising a familiar face or two. ^_^ I'd actually not even been aware of those Google-produced segments before.. I might peek in on them again sometime.

Ahh! Yes! Now you mention it, that's where I was getting that twinge of déjà vu. Can't see Dreamworks would do it, but it'd be hilarious if they actually did slip in an unmistakable nod to Gadget.. who knows? Aardman aren't exactly shy in slipping in background puns.. ! (Another reason to pick up the Were-Rabbit DVD - looks like the extras should be worth actually watching, as well)
My deja vu issue with Flushed Away has more to do with the general character design.. and the film previously known as Drats.

It's the noses. (twitch)

Images of Bikini Atoll being gradually shaved down by more and more close-cutting blades

Which would, technically, be shaving one's bikini line? Ow ow ow...
Ahhh.. very good point! Though I doubt they'll have a bad guy as stylish as Mok. Ah, Lou Reed was definitely well cast for his singing voice. ^_^ (On which note, did you know the line from Moulin Rouge, "I'm the green fairy!" was spoken by Iggy Pop?)


Ai did not wish to know that. Please get off the universe hat the next stop. ^_^;
I once emailed Disney HQ five years ago enquiring about licensing the use of Gadget's image for business purposes and requesting the email address of their legal department.

The response was: "Our legal department does not have email. You may write to them at this address ..." :P

(Deleted comment)
Personally, I like that style of trailer, for giving me an impression of the style that'll be involved, without letting anything slip regarding the storyline - I prefer knowing as little as possible about a movie before seeing it, leaving me free to form my own impressions unhinted. 'Course, it's also not undesirable to know about the plot too, so I'll sometimes let myself read the first paragraph or so of a review, cautiously avoiding anything spoilerish.

And I've still not seen RfaD either. ^_^; I'd certainly be up for it sometime, but I'd want the right company for something of such gravity.

Wonder if I could "resurface" Butterscotch into a My (not so) Little Pony.. even cuter! ^_^
Wonder if I could "resurface" Butterscotch into a My (not so) Little Pony

I'd suggest 'Tool Dip'. Not that I can find a link for the glop right now...

(Distracted by potential applications of various plastisols. Dear me. Devastating... and available in clear with pigment options, in hard, not so hard, and 'wriggly'...)
RealDoll Pony

I guess it all depends on just how the thing "responds to touch", as their web page says. ;-)

Too late! I beat 'im to it. *mmmm* My arms are so smooth and lovely. Lovelylovelylovely...
Not only your arms, as I recall? ^_^

I say body hair growth should be under conscious control. (And density - then again, human body hair's that rather coarse primate variety.. a long way from lapine softness. Now, where did I put that DIY chimera kit..)
... you might recognise the photo of a certain werewolf.

Two werewolves :) And a certain jaguar. Of course that was at MFF and not AC, but who keeps up with that sort of thing.

Found out the Werehouse sells Bunny AVs too

I'm kumachan twang if you are on now BTW