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Egad! The first episodes of Dr Tatiana's Sex Guide to All Creation are out on the torrenty-flavored net. I've got to see what this is actually like, given excerpts like this courtesy of drhoz:

"Dear Doctor Tatiana,
I'm a male moth mite, and earlier this week I was inside my mother's uterus enjoying sex with my sisters, as usual. Suddenly she exploded, and my sisters wandered off leaving me alone in her decaying corpse. Is this a punishment from god?"

It apparently features musical numbers, too. Yay Australia!

Here's a handy collection of all the recent Superbowl ads. United's is a little cheesy, but rather charming nonetheless, and with commendable creative design; on the other paw, GoDaddy's screams out "we have no damn idea what to do with all this money, so let's spend it on a 35 second TV ad" (although such thinking did bring us Cyberian Outpost's ads a few years ago, this is definitely no Outpost :); and GM's is an encouraging, if woefully belated, nod towards future fuels. Interesting to see one for V for Vendetta, even if a fairly lousy edit, compared to the two trailers - maybe its delayed release won't mean it being quietly buried after all. And they did keep that quote: "People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people."

You know, I'd almost bet Darth Vader keeps up with

Cool beans! The Lugaru and Space Rabbit shirts from CafePress arrived, and at least on first glance, the quality seems fine. A little more lapinity to share with the world.. ^_^

Whence came the archetypical "heart" symbol? How old is it?

I must thank mycroftb for showing me three words together I'd never before thought of as connected: "fully scripted penis". I am easily amused.

If you live outside the US or UK, could you tell me where your mail is delivered? In the UK, it's universally through the letterbox in the door; in the US, it's always to roadside mailboxes, or for apartments, communal arrays of cubbyholes. What about elsewhere?

I'd take that "five guilty pleasures" thing, but.. I'm not sure I really have any pleasures that are "guilty" as such. Well, maybe buying Spiceworld on DVD. And leaving little drops of maple syrup on a motel room carpet on the way to Minneapolis.
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