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In Second Life, is it possible for perky bunny ears (*beams* :) to be able to express emotion? Directly up and forwards is very different to swept back and parallel to the ground. How about if I jumped up - would they be able to show a bit of momentum as I landed again? Not that the answers are crucial - I'm bound to wind up there sooner or later, though it's a little irksome that I can't seem to dload the client without first creating an account. I'd like to be able to check how Hyzenthlay and SL get on together. Still, it should be sufficient. (And how difficult is making up a furry form for oneself? Though it'd probably make a lot more sense to buy one from someone, especially if they have experience with lapines)

Riba: the Movie (62MB) is a short about a cat who dreams of being a pianist. Quite wonderful.

This processing of Stairway to Heaven, found by vandringar, is actually quite cool. It's been split into eighth-beat intervals, each slice then reversed.

O.o There's now a (Middle Kingdom, 21st-18th C BC) Egyptian heiroglyphics edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, courtesy of the British Museum.

Anyone skilled at S2 coding should, hopefully, know - would it be feasible to use rosequoll's furry "user" icons (replacing the head & shoulders to the left of the username there)? Ideally, it could know which to use by checking the user's LJ info for some tag, otherwise it could just go with a hard-wired list, perhaps. So postings and comments would all have the appropriate icon used automagically.

Was "Bruce" an especially popular name in Australia at one point?

Being of the FPS genre, I'm not sure it'll grab me as a game, but Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror on the PSP does look quite promising graphically. And with music by the X Files composer, too.

Quite a good car advert.

Amongst the many greater and lesser forthcoming animated features noted by teko is another curiously coincidental pairing from Pixar and Dreamworks - but instead of ants, this time, it's rats: Flushed Away (written by veteran duo Dick Clement and Ian la Frenais) and Ratatouille. Thankfully, there's a good separation between them this time - Flushed Away appears at the end of 2006, whilst the latter sadly won't debut until around a year later. Best of all, though, is that Flushed Away is an Aardman production - and Pixar haven't produced a clunker yet. (I'll reserve judgment on Cars)

Find for the day has to be Stereo Ultra, a collection of 1970s French "action" library music. Deeply funky, and apparently long since out of print. Then again, Batman & Robin, with remarkably little to do with the TV show of the time beyond the opening theme, is pretty groovy too. ^_^ Whilst it wasn't credited as such at the time, it was actually a co-production between the core members of Sun Ra's Arkestra and Al Kooper's Blues Project.

When Hyzenthlay's battery reaches 5%, it's time to get out of the bath.
(Deleted comment)
Hee! True enough.. he's about the only person I know who moves around more than me. ^_^

(A friend once noted he needed a calendar to note down my addresses. With Van, you need a clock as well :)
(Deleted comment)
*giggle* That's actually how I've thought of my life for a while now.. ^_^ A probability distribution seems much more useful than just some list of where I've lived. Maybe I should grab a world map image sometime, and try airbrushing some representation of residency and visiting (though sometimes even that distinction's blurry - I lived in one place for three weeks, and visited another for two months :)

And ibm's spent time in Mipple City too? Pretty cool city (or pair thereof). A bit like San Diego in the way it can switch from being downtown to sketchy in the space of a couple blocks, but mostly a fairly mellow place, though I dare say my company at the time helped in my perspective on the area. (Love makes for quite a difference in one)

The beginning is nice, but the end sounds sort of "busy".

In high school I was once in the A-V room copying a Russian conversational-learning tape.  The hangers-on in the A-V room (proto-furries?) all thought that Russian sounded like English backwards—did I have the reel-to-reel tape installed wrong?  No, it was playing properly...
Ahh, back in the days of real-time copying.. ^_^ (I once had a Sanyo recorder with a funky controller - not the usual piano keys, but more like a tiny gearstick)

Hmm.. yes, I can see that - there's often emphasis on later syllables in the word in Russian, whereas English tends to have weight closer to the start. Add in plenty of "ye" and other phonemes not commonly encountered in English, and I suppose it could have that effect. 'Course, now I'm wondering what Russian sounds like backwards..
One thing I noticed though, last I checked the code generator for the lj link thing spits out the old style "http://www.livejournal.com/users/exampleusername/" instead of the newer style "exampleusername.livejournal.com/" ...

One other thing I'd do is to have it force the address to lowercase. I know it /works/ with mixed-case, but I don't really like it... (And I wonder if it changes _ to - automatically now?)
True, you (sort of) need to do that now - probably an easy enough tweak, though you'd have to be certain of the _/- translation rules. I suppose it only costs a redirection, but still, the more efficient a network transaction, the better, just as with any code, ne?

I'll have to try making up a "perky eared bunny" icon, and see if it can fit in the space available - I'm thinking the image could end at the mouth, to leave some vertical space for the ears. The current rabbit ones all portray lops, in effect)
I think "exampleusername.livejournal.com" only works for paid users, or at least it used to.
Ah, yes - that changed recently, as part of the security measures. Everyone now has subdomains, and underscores are translated to minus signs - it's explained here, or more amusingly, here. ^_^
Yes, it used to be for paid users only. They recently changed it so that everyone uses it and so that the old way redirects to http://exampleusername.livejournal.com/ to prevent attacks from malicious code some jerks were using to steal other people's journals.
(Deleted comment)
I was quite impressed with Riba. Lovely to see a different style of animation that isn't yearning to be as realistic (howsoever stylised toonishly) - a little closer to Belleville, maybe. (Ah, I definitely need to see that again sometime!) The spirit reminded me of Whisper of the Heart, actually.

Oh, that's so neat you've been able to keep him all that time! With all the moving around over the years, I think about the only bits of my past physically present, other than myself, are the odd family photos, and a few school exercise books. (I really should get hold of a scanner sometime, and digitise it all. Of course, then the problem becomes keeping the medium current.. DVD is surely going to be as quaint as 78s in a few decades, let alone a century or two :)
(Deleted comment)
Mm, sounds like SL's concept of physics is on the simple side, from what little I know of the environment - still, it must do a good enough job to get by. ^_^ Do you find yourself there much now, after being there for a good while?

Okay, I'll hold off on creating an account for now - no sense having to go through the process multiple times, if indeed that's possible.

And definitely, yes! Some example pics would be very helpful. Of course, I suppose I'll also need to work out my coloration, too.. ^_^; I may go with snowshoe hare for now - such stylish fur accents, and everything goes with white. ^_^
Anyone skilled at S2 coding should, hopefully, know - would it be feasible to use [info]rose_quoll's furry "user" icons (replacing the head & shoulders to the left of the username there)? Ideally, it could know which to use by checking the user's LJ info for some tag, otherwise it could just go with a hard-wired list, perhaps. So postings and comments would all have the appropriate icon used automagically.

I've given this some thought in the past, actually. Apart from modifying a client (local or remote) to do the appropriate lookups and substitutions before posting, I gather the easiest way to do it would be via a Greasemonkey script that would check against a list that you could edit by paw. Not ideal, of course, but I may let that option distract me for a few hours sometime soonish =:P
I really should fetch a copy of Firefox sometime, just for Greasemonkey. (And having OmniWeb sync up with the "real" WebCore would be really nice too.. there are a few bugs I've run into which don't exist in Safari, but The Omni Group find it necessary to work on a local copy of the tree. On the other paw, it does wind up being an exceptionally elegant browser)

Of course, I suppose the best place for such icon substitution would be on LJ itself, but I don't know we should wait on official support thereof. ^_^
Pretty sure I've seen bunny ears do that in SL, you can get Animated actions to do things, so I guess Ear bounce must be one [I want to get some Sumo actions when I work out how, Shiko, Teppo, Matawari etc] I played it LOADS yesterday and is kind of addictive as they say [Although addmitedly I'm off work with nothing better to do, wondering if I'll burn out/overdose on it like I often do with certain things]

as a BIG Dreamworks Fan, I'm rather curious about Flushed away as it is CG but made to LOOK like Plastercine/Typical Aardman stuff = http://animation.dreamworksfansite.com/flushedaway/

I'm am FREAKING about 'Over the Hedge' personally + 'Kung Fu Panda' when they get around to making it
Ninja death pandas...?
(Deleted comment)
I'll have to go sniffing around, and see if that team's produced anything else before or since. (And isn't it amazing to see quality like that produced by just a small group of friends? Imagine trying to accomplish anything of such complexity with traditional cel animation!)

.. and for some reason, that line of reasoning leads me back to Bernard Derriman, and Arj & Poopy. ^_^ I should check if his site has a tip jar. (Both for the A&P shorts, and the Everyone Else video - gods know I've played the latter enough times, though I always have to stop it before he gets all teary-eyed)
I know little about SL, but I do know, bunny ears rock! *strokes yours" }:)
...but I figured this was as good a place as any.

I want to get three 19" displays hooked up to a mac. Right now I just have a tiny iMac, but I'm looking to get new.

The problem? Does anyone know when an Intel Mac workstation will be out?

If not, does anyone think it's worthwhile to buy one of the G5 macs when the Intels are around the corner?

Or are there solutions I don't know about?
Three? Egad. ^_^;

I'll admit I'm more familiar with the laptops rather than the desktops, but I'd guess the PMG5's Intel version will be due around summertime, as Apple's wanting to get the whole range shifted over by the end of the year. Perhaps the Paris Expo would be as good a time as any, in September, though Apple's taken to launching new hardware at "special events", not just the shows, so it's tricky to tell - often the best way is keeping an eye on the rumor sites, and seeing when reports start coming in of low product levels in the channel, and rebates expiring a few weeks away.

Though, if you could make do with only two displays, the new iMac supports monitor spanning - and the internal 20" display gives 1680x1050, which is a pretty good number o' pixels.

Which is the same, actually, as the 17" PowerBook - note that only the 15" is Core Duo based at the moment, with the other two remaining MPC7447A. Might a laptop plus one external be an answer? Both the 17" PowerBook and 15" MacBook Pro (I still don't go for that name, but still; that offers 1440x900) support dual-channel DVI, so the 30" Cinema Display is an option - that weighs in at 2560x1600. ^_^;

As for the G5s vs Core Duo - it's tricky to say. It's less clear-cut than with the iMac or MacBook Pro, given the PMG5s are already dual-core, and the bus infrastructure's rather faster than the G4s'. I'd be surprised if the replacement weren't significantly faster, but on the other paw, you can walk away with a PMG5 right now, rather than maybe six months away. (Gods know, despite Hyzenthlay not being up to the MacBook Pro, especially in terms of HD playback - it can apparently manage 1080p easily, whereas the PB finds 720p heavy going - I've had three months or so of a really lovely system so far, and the display resolution suits OS X beautifully)
Definition: 1) From Bruy or Bruys, a place in Normandy where the family originated 2) Fom the Old French meaning "brushwood thicket."

Origin: Scottish, Old French

I would guess it was carried over to Australia from England by immigrants. There is a record of a famous Australian called Lord Stanley Bruce who was Prime Minister of Australia 1923-1929.