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I'd like to ask of you: what's the best meal you've ever had?

Maybe it wasn't even the food, but the company, or something else that made the moment.
Thankoo for the tip. ^_^

You eat far, far better than I do. :) My main source of dietary goodness is canned vegetable soup.
*giggle* Oh, it's not difficult or expensive to eat well. ^_^ It's amazing what just instant soup can become, with just some fun vegetables like asparagus or baby corn, and playing with spices is almost free. (And to go with a main dish, brussels boiled briefly with some orange juice and coriander/cilantro turns out delicious!) And for meat substitutes, I've found Quorn pretty good, though it's sadly only available in the UK. In the US, Gimme Lean (soy based, I believe) can make for an absolutely convincing chili.. :-9
If only I had as much imagination for cooking as I do for keeping my mate amused. :P

I was planning on having him do the cooking when we live together as I can boil a saucepan of water dry on a bad day! But food is a form of expressing love so I should really try to improve.