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I'd like to ask of you: what's the best meal you've ever had?

Maybe it wasn't even the food, but the company, or something else that made the moment.
Ahh.. that does sound like the makings of a lovely time indeed. ^_^ It's funny where one can find good Thai - I happened upon a pretty good one in Medford, of all places, a pretty routine little town in Southern Oregon. The decor was pretty plain - much like an old cafeteria, with vinyl bench seating. But you could tell they made their own satay sauce, rather than just mushing up some peanut butter, and unlike so many places, if you asked for something hot, it would be hot. (As I found to my cost one time, when a pepper went down the wrong pipe.. oh, that wasn't fun)

Mmm. Enya and Thai food. Definitely could work well. ^_^