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I'd like to ask of you: what's the best meal you've ever had?

Maybe it wasn't even the food, but the company, or something else that made the moment.
Best meal I had was a McDonalds Vegeburger. There was something about how they made their vegetable meals at one time that made them taste like bliss. Accompanying it with a stawberry milkshake added to the experience.

Then they seemed to cost-cut the ingredients and serve the burgers half-cold and I kinda lost my love for them. And they made the milkshake so thick that drinking it was like trying to suck setting concrete through the straw ... you had to take the plastic lid off and scrape it into your mouth with your paws.
Best Veggie Burger + Fries in the known world used to come from Scoobies in Perranporth [Cornwall] Until they got taken over + went CRAP
Under New Management so often means Under Crap Management.
If you're ever in Berkeley, try Zachary's for some of the best Chicago style stuffed pizza you'll find anywhere - and that includes Chicago. ^_^ (They've got two locations, but they're inexplicably close to each other - one on Solano in Berkeley, the other a tiny walk from the Rockridge station, technically in Oakland, IIRC) I'm normally compelled to have meat in all meals, but I did get to try some of their Veggie Supreme once, and that was memorably good - a great variety, including baby corn, green beans, and probably some kind of mushroom, though it's been a few years. Well worth trying. ^_^

As for burgers, I'll admit to quite liking Quorn's version - handily eaten inside a split pita, maybe with a little cheddar. (Wish I could find some felafel around.. probably have to go a little closer to civilisation for that, though :)
Thankoo for the tip. ^_^

You eat far, far better than I do. :) My main source of dietary goodness is canned vegetable soup.
*giggle* Oh, it's not difficult or expensive to eat well. ^_^ It's amazing what just instant soup can become, with just some fun vegetables like asparagus or baby corn, and playing with spices is almost free. (And to go with a main dish, brussels boiled briefly with some orange juice and coriander/cilantro turns out delicious!) And for meat substitutes, I've found Quorn pretty good, though it's sadly only available in the UK. In the US, Gimme Lean (soy based, I believe) can make for an absolutely convincing chili.. :-9
If only I had as much imagination for cooking as I do for keeping my mate amused. :P

I was planning on having him do the cooking when we live together as I can boil a saucepan of water dry on a bad day! But food is a form of expressing love so I should really try to improve.