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I'd like to ask of you: what's the best meal you've ever had?

Maybe it wasn't even the food, but the company, or something else that made the moment.
The Fast Food / Lotteria I lived on each time I visited Japan
Aahh! Tell us more! How often have you been there? Lately?

Obviously, there's a lot more to Japanese cuisine than sushi (I'd like to try okonomiyaki in Osaka sometime, f'rex), but I'll happily confess to adoring the sushi I've had in the past few years, primarily in California. (The examples I saw in Brisbane and Sydney were less encouraging, but I was hardly seeking it out there; in Brisbane, it seemed a far better idea to just grab the fresh local catches and make up a variety of a feast at a party :)
Its a memory thing I guess, it makes me laugh that I basically lived a 'Supersize me' diet over there...
You're kidding me?
Large fries + Cappachino shake, followed by Dipper Dan [Thats MY wishness] across from the Sunshine 60 Lotty..Back to the Hotel to Eat Lotte cakes, Crunky buscuits and other junk + a BOSS Coffee in the mornings ['Cos Yuusuke in Neighborhood Stories / Gokinjo Monogatari drinks it an' hes SKILL an ACE]