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Did you know Frank (the LJ mascot) has a comic strip?

Here's a fun bit of Apoptygma Berserk: the video for Until the End of the World (9.5MB), PSP-ready. (It'll play in anything else MPEG-4 aware, though) Not related to the movie of the same name, which I must see again someday.

Frustratingly, the article's from August 2005.. still, there have apparently been official musings on the topic of PSP homebrew: "When asked whether the PSP will support downloadable games, Kawanishi simply stated that the idea is under consideration. He also added that it would be interesting if users could develop their own simple games and distribute them online." The article also looks at Flash on the PSP, and peripherals like a keyboard, to help make the web browser more useful.

Quote for the day, from bosn: "The biggest oil pimp the world has ever seen (Bush) gave the State of the union address. And in it he had the balls to tell America that we are addicted to oil. That's like Ronald McDonald telling someone that they are fat."

Speaking of the SOTU hot air festival, you can catch up with an unmissable summary here. ^_^

Wootness! My copy of Mercury for the PSP arrived. Now this is a game I wish I could have had a part in creating - novel, intriguing, and fun. (Though like too many PSP games, it only supports WiFi in ad hoc mode, not over the net)

When unpacking your mail-order baby bunny, please be sure to discard all packing materials.

Finally! I can actually write DVD-Rs on Hyzenthlay's internal drive at full 8x speed. The UJ-846 appears to be very fussy about what dyes it considers worth writing onto at 8x, and my supposition that Taiyo Yuden would do the trick paid off. ^_^ (Panasonic 8x printable, TYG-02 dye code, to be precise)

You'd think a BBC production would be able to find a better match for the girl in Test Card F.. ^_^ Still, Life on Mars remains firmly on my (remarkably short) list of TV shows to catch regularly. Speaking of which, I need to fetch episode 4..

Oooh, shiny.. a Mahavishnu Orchestra performance for BBC TV, recorded in 1972. Complete with a pre-Miami Vice Jan Hammer! And The Amazing Mr Bickford, clay animation to Frank Zappa's music.
Mercury = Marble Madness [Remember that ?]

LOM ep4 was pretty cool, was a bit afraid it would lull off after the first ep or 2
Definitely it's in that vein, but carries the theme further - the movement of your blob's appropriately viscous, so getting around some of the obstacles is also a matter of keeping all of the mercury together, not letting any drop off the edges. Then you can split the blob deliberately, sending each part into a different paintshop, for unlocking certain gates, and recombining them sometime later on for another one.

Very cool game, in all, though I'll have to see how much replayability there is, once you've been through the whole thing. (Wonder if there are any downloadable levels? Don't think so.. that would've been rather nifty)

I wished the event close to the end of LoM 4 hadn't happened (seemed a bit random, really - how'd they find her? Seemed they were literally ready to escape the city), but I suppose that needed to happen, to bring the story to that admittedly very satisfying end. ^_^

Any idea if The Warren really existed, or if it was just written for the show?

"You mean he's gay?"
"As a Christmas tree."

BTW, I just came into a small stack of Frank Sidebottom's Radio Timperley segments, a couple minutes long each; interested? (ISTR you mentioning him at some point)
Got the CD of it [Check out 'his' version of Flash Gordon]