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There's uncalculated volumes of pure cuteness to be found in an old entry in this weblog, from June 2005. Think "baby wild bunnies".. be prepared.

New Fur-Piled!

W00t! The package from Lik Sang arrived. ^_^ (Along with a VAT demand for £20..) Wipeout Pure - looks as fun as I remember the original being. My My Katamari Damacy - bear in mind, I've never played the original, so I'm just winging it for now, as this is the Japanese version. And.. for exceptional cuteness, Taiko no Tatsujin Portable - a drumming game, with animated drum creatures, dancing dogs, and more. Silly amount of fun!

Mmmm. I think I'm going to be getting well into Apoptygma Berserk.

1. What color are your kitchen plates?: White, with lettering around the edge. For some reason, the kitchen seemed to be running very low on plates, so I picked up a set, along with some brushed steel cutlery.
2. What book are you reading now?: Grzimek's Second Ed Encyclopedia of Animals
3. What is on your mouse pad?: Don't have one!
4. Favorite board game?: Backgammon
5. Least favorite smells?: Frying kidneys. I'll try not to throw up before leaving the kitchen.
6. What is the first thing you think of in the morning?: I don't believe in mornings.
7. Favorite color: Mmm. Not sure I have one, really.. all depends on the context. Vivid blue and hot pink, if pressed.
8. Least favorite color: I'm not so hot on green, though it looks good on photosynthetic creatures.
9. How many rings until you answer the phone?: I use email, not phones. ^_^
10. Future child's name: Aha. Ahahaahaa. No, not a chance.
11. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Either, if it's a choice between something like Phish Food and a real vanilla.
12. Do you like to drive fast?: I don't drive. But as navigator, I'll happily concur with a good driver going at any speed. :)
13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: a beige bunny and a red panda, every night.
14. Do you like thunderstorms?: Wonderful.
15. What was your first car?: That'd be sort of silly, now, wouldn't it?
16. What is your sign?: Scorpio, mostly.
17. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: Every bit of it! Though that wasn't always the case. (I used to despise mushrooms and tomatoes, too. But I always liked cream of mushroom/tomato soups..)
18. If you could have any job what would it be?: I've already written about it, just with a few alterations. ^_^
19. If you could have any color hair what would it be?: Electric blue.
20. Is the glass half full or half empty?: Why look instead of drinking it?
21. What is your favorite movie?: I've too many favorites, but I'll go with "Babe". A wonderful movie throughout, with one of the most beautiful climaxes in modern cinema.
22. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: I use telekinesis.
23. What’s under your bed?: WAY TOO MUCH.
24. What is your favorite number?: pi.
25. Favorite sports to watch?: if any, maybe skiing. Though I used to love going along to see the Timberwolves. (Crunch, yay!)
26. Your single biggest intense pain?: Breaking up in 1996.
27. Person you sent this to who is least likely to respond?: who knows?
28. Person most likely to respond?: who cares?
29. Ketchup or mustard?: the right condiments for the right food. This balsamic vinegar & wholegrain mustard is pretty good, f'rex.
30. is apparently marooned in Albuquerque.
31. Hamburger or hot dog?: Hamburger, home made. But make the hot dog into a bratwurst, and you've got a deal. Especially with sauerkraut and sliced potatoes with flecks of onion and ham. :-9
32. Favorite season?: Spring. But there's a lot to be said for a permanently pleasant Bay Area year-long non-season.
33. The best place you have ever been?: Hee! That's worthy of an entry to itself.. too many choices.
34. What is your screen saver?: never really used one, but Sparkle's pretty cool. Freefall would be good, but that'd require registration.
35. What is your favorite fast food place?: eh, not if I can help it.
36. What is your favorite breed of dog?: Golden Retriever, followed by Lhasa Apso.
37. Your nicknames?: can't say I really have any, other than diminutives.
38. Have you ever been kissed by the opposite gender?: Other than family? Don't think so.
39. What annoys you the most?: lack of compassion, if anything. I'm not one really given to annoyance - it seldom serves to remedy matters.
40. What’s your crush’s name?: I'm hardly going to answer that one. ^_^
41. What’s your best friend’s name?: Bah! Who writes these things?
42. Which celebrity annoys you the most?: Can't say I pay any attention to celebrities, but I'd be happy to see the end of Bush II.
43. What type of music do you dislike the most?: Rap.
45. What is currently on your wrist?: Skin.
46. Okay, If you and one other person could be alone on the entire planet, who would you choose?: Oh, FFS.
47. Who would you make out with right now?: PASS MY SWORD AND MAGIC HELMET!
48. What did you last eat?: Cod & mozzarella bakes.
50. What are you listening to?: Apoptygma Berserk.
51. What's your favorite shoe make?: they all change, but I've liked some Diesel, Fornarina, and Sky in the past.
52. Your favorite item of clothing?: a pair of cherry red & black leggings. Very Evangelion. ^_^ And a particular pair of Fornarina boots.
Black would be better for photosynthesis, I always thought.
Emo-goths would all be naturalists? Certainly would change Wildlife on One.
Cream of Tomato soup?
Mmm, tasty stuff. Usually was Heinz, I think.. a bit sweet now, but still good as an occasional comfort food, on those rare occasions when I eat something not containing meat. (It does happen - about once a season)

But tomatoes themselves I abhorred. Though I'll accept most out there are pretty watery - I'm more one for good cherry tomatoes. Or home-grown, of course.. but that's virtually a different world for most vegetables, not just tomatoes (okay, fruits too :).
I don't believe in mornings.

Mondays aren't so good, either.

What is your favorite breed of dog?: Golden Retriever, followed by Lhasa Apso.

*blush* Awww!

Which celebrity annoys you the most?: Can't say I pay any attention to celebrities, but I'd be happy to see the end of Bush II.

Well, they were probably looking for *entertainment* celebrities, but a political chimp/human hybrid will do (until they're outlawed, of course—along with the bacteria/human hybrids used to make medical insulin).

Okay, If you and one other person could be alone on the entire planet, who would you choose?: Oh, FFS.

No no, they wanted a *person*, not a *CPU instruction* for finding the first set bit in an integer!

Who would you make out with right now?: PASS MY SWORD AND MAGIC HELMET!

I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionnaire.  I own a mansion und a yacht!
Speaking of packages, did you say you mailed Marquis back to me>
Very nearly. ^_^;; I should be able to get that packaged up safely this weekend - it's going to be a Get Things Sorted Out time, also including bulldozing the room and populating bags and boxes with all the Stuff™ that's in the room. There's so little space to work with, or in, so I need to take care of that, and it's really been starting to get cramped.
Yay, I've got Taiko no Tatsujin Portable too. Great game :)
I love it! It's very Japanese, but still, I wonder if they might consider an English version? The EU/US spread of PSP games could really use more "playful" titles like this. ^_^
Its got Sumo in it, Damn, I WANT it now...

Still toying with geting Animal crossing for my DS
Well, I think the sumo are only a side-feature, not a core fixture of the game.. but it is a load of fun so far. ^_^ Plenty of good tracks, too. (And speaking of way cool games, Mercury arrived today - well worth checking out! Very nicely done, using the button to control the playing level's tilt)

Definitely, Animal Crossing's what my DS spends almost all its time with now. There's a surprising amount of detail involved - just peek at some of the FAQs, and you'll discover all sorts of additional bonuses you can attain. Very cute game, even if you can't actually play a fur yourself, save for an open-faced bunny mask the Able Sisters can apparently make for you.

And don't forget My My Katamari Damacy! Only in Japan right now, but I recall it's close to a US/EU release (a month or two).