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Seeing a post by sphelx reminded me of the sheer wonder of Escape from Galaxy 3. Now, consider the difference between these two opinions:

This place is trying to sell copies - "Exciting sci-fi action abounds in this tale of star-crossed lovers who try to escape from the titular galaxy, ruled by a sadistic madman. James Milton, Cheryl Buchanan star in this Italian effort."

This place isn't. ^_^ "Man oh man, this movie is downright amazingly AWFUL. It has been a long time since I saw a movie this absolute and painful in its bad-ness. Not one aspect of this film is even a slight notch above absolutely horrible."

Needless to say, it's been a firm favorite since I happened upon it in the Medford Blockbuster.

Yay! Thanks to ibneko, I have the Flash animation his icon is derived from ("Shii's song" - cat in a box, singing wistfully about her hopes for love). Such a beautiful piece.. not one I can watch often, but quite wonderful nonetheless.
Heheheh-heheh... He said 'titular'...