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It looks like The Independent's been able to confirm an earlier rumor: one of John Lasseter's first actions at Disney has been the cancellation of Toy Story 3.

Want a Krappy Guitar? "Our instruments are built for frugal people who aren't very concerned with regard to quality, construction, materials, or safety." $75 and one's yours, but there's a $25 surcharge for such as the Swiss Army model, with a "swing out beer holder and ashtray".

Finally, I got around to ordering two (one white, one grey) Lugaru shirts, one Space Rabbit, and two Sam & Max. Would that interesting lycrawear were as easily found.. (and in stock, rather than custom made, as with the otherwise excellent Bruce & Valerie's Graphica Design)

This animated GIF isn't safe for work. In fact, it's not really safe for seeing at all. (Think "male" and "hammer")

Bored of plain old remote control cars? Peek over here for a steam powered crab, and a steam powered locomotive/centipede, or here.

So.. I now know what happens if the DS' battery gives up before you've had a chance to save in Animal Crossing. Yipe! (No question: just AC:WW justifies getting a DS) Now, what is a "complex machine"? Still, fishing's proving to be surprisingly good fun (much moreso than the real thing, which distresses me), though it'll probably be a while before I come across any of the rare varieties.

I'll see how this works out - theoretically, I don't need to worry about site traffic any longer, so I'm serving files without the aid of Coral now, direct from the ISP.

Should be interesting.. one tidbit that just washed up on the local shores of the net is the apparently unaired pilot episode of Blackadder, with a different Baldrick.

Relaxed rabbit.
Tags: animal crossing, blackadder, coral, krappy guitar, lugaru, pixar, toy story 3
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