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It looks like The Independent's been able to confirm an earlier rumor: one of John Lasseter's first actions at Disney has been the cancellation of Toy Story 3.

Want a Krappy Guitar? "Our instruments are built for frugal people who aren't very concerned with regard to quality, construction, materials, or safety." $75 and one's yours, but there's a $25 surcharge for such as the Swiss Army model, with a "swing out beer holder and ashtray".

Finally, I got around to ordering two (one white, one grey) Lugaru shirts, one Space Rabbit, and two Sam & Max. Would that interesting lycrawear were as easily found.. (and in stock, rather than custom made, as with the otherwise excellent Bruce & Valerie's Graphica Design)

This animated GIF isn't safe for work. In fact, it's not really safe for seeing at all. (Think "male" and "hammer")

Bored of plain old remote control cars? Peek over here for a steam powered crab, and a steam powered locomotive/centipede, or here.

So.. I now know what happens if the DS' battery gives up before you've had a chance to save in Animal Crossing. Yipe! (No question: just AC:WW justifies getting a DS) Now, what is a "complex machine"? Still, fishing's proving to be surprisingly good fun (much moreso than the real thing, which distresses me), though it'll probably be a while before I come across any of the rare varieties.

I'll see how this works out - theoretically, I don't need to worry about site traffic any longer, so I'm serving files without the aid of Coral now, direct from the ISP.

Should be interesting.. one tidbit that just washed up on the local shores of the net is the apparently unaired pilot episode of Blackadder, with a different Baldrick.

Relaxed rabbit.
(Deleted comment)
Trouble with anything in the sensual realm, of course, is it's typically much better experienced than watched. ^_^ (Not sure I'd like to watch piercings being performed, but gods, nipple rings are fun to play with. I may have mine redone sometime, but.. the elevated sensitivity's still there, and that's what counts :)
WRT off the peg vs custom made - it kinda depends on the item, whether that would work out. Lycra clubwear is one thing, but a full on catsuit has so many points of fitting that custom is the way to go, just to be sure that it fits you and is really what you want.

What kind of thing are you looking for?
Oh, quite - for something like a luge suit, custom-made is the only sensible[1] way to go. (More "normal" catsuits - wellll.. if the fabric's of a decently stretchy variety, OTP can work pretty well, though they'll inevitably not have as ideal a fit)

I'm thinking of just leggings at the moment. I've looked in places selling running attire, but finding much beyond black or navy with the odd stripe seems annoyingly difficult. Sub4 in particular used to make a lot of nifty designs (one of my favorites being a sort of Aztec design in black on white. Very nifty, but they rotated styles fairly frequently, so by the time I knew of the design's existence, I couldn't find any around), and may still do, but I can't find them around.

[1] Okay, only way.. though I would love to see a place with such in stock. Hee!
We're going to be doing clubwear in the near future, so keep an eye on us. I'm not sure if we have plans for leggings specifically, but we are definitely going to be working in stretchy fabrics like lycra (and lycra blends) as well as pvc, mesh, and various combinations.
OMG adorable bunny!
It's so easy to tell he's feeling perfectly secure there, ne? Ah, to have a couple bunnies myself.. maybe, once things (hopefully) settle down, possibly this year, if professional matters pan out. (Imagine.. not moving for maybe a whole year! :)
My bunny is sitting in that pose at the moment looking very content :-)
Steamed Rabbit!!! ;) Fun Steamy Link ya found, my gosh thats cool seeing steamy stuff again!! :)
(Deleted comment)
Ohh.. ! I think I recall seeing a tiger in their gallery a while back. ^_^

~makes note to register for the full gallery~

Now that was rather cool of him. Tiger pattern, presumably?
with a different Baldrick
How could it be anyone other than Tony, who apparently is doing some sort of stage show not 3 miles from where i am sitting soon.

It's difficult to imagine.. ^_^ Wish the video quality were better (I've only glimpsed at a few scenes so far), but given it's probably from a couple generations down from 20-odd years ago, ferpectly watchable, despite the VCD image size.

What kind of play? Could be worth going along to, especially if it's so conveniently positioned. I hadn't realised what a cultural epicenter you inhabited!