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Good news, everyone! There's brain slugs four new Damekko Doubutsu for you all!

(By way of the ever-vigilant ibneko)

Edit: and now three more!
Whoa! 19 in one day? Not bad going. ^_^

True, even the best theme can be a bit much in close proximity - I just watched a Tom Baker era Doctor Who last night, "The Sun Makers", a four-parter, and wound up cutting off the ending theme most of the time. (Still, it was nice to be reminded of an age of television where announcers didn't blab over the ending theme, just leaving it to play itself out.. that inventor's going to share the same circle of hell as the creator of the phrase "your call is very important to us, so please stay on the line" :)

I've got to try digging around and see if there's any hope of more of DD. ^_^ Probably not - most anime seem to be made for a given series length, and that's it, unless they really do well, and the creator's interested in more. Which is fair enough - Azumanga Daioh could probably have come back for another 13 or more episodes quite easily, but the 26 there are make for just the right length. (Though, I'll admit, I would like to see a special, featuring them all something like one year on) A series like Haibane Renmei just wouldn't have worked nearly as well, stretched out beyond its 13. Better a few gems than a quarryful of ore, ne?
"your call is very important to us, so please stay on the line"
"We have an important message, but all of our operators are busy. If you would please hold..." is much worse. It gets as far as "important message" before I say, "No you don't" and hang up (saying anything might not actually accomplish something, but it makes me feel more satisfied).

A few gems would be preferred...but a treasure chest of gems would be much better.