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By way of mycroftb, here's a bunny thread on fchan, with quite a few pics I've not seen before, including one palpitatingly hot bun by Monty. Do I need to mention if the thread's worksafe or not? ^_^

<td>Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td>

As plushlover pointed out recently, this bunny is a fine example of the art of plush. Not quite what you'll find at Target, either in quality or price..

Stanford on iTunes offers a modest spread of lectures and associated podcasts from Stanford University, free of charge, with no registration required. Well worth checking out; eg, "Rethinking the Ethical Implications of Animal Cognition" in the Faculty Lectures area. The files have no DRM, and are available in all iTMSeses worldwide.

On a mailing list, someone mistyped a well-known wireless comms standard, leading to a request for a "Blue tooty cell phone". This amuses me much more than it probably should. ^_^

And, for a limited time, here's the complete At Last The 1948 Show Album (11.1MB), for anyone interested in proto-Python comedy.

Dammit. I've got the line "I've got a ferret sticking up my nose" on endless loop in my mind.

Quote for the day: "That'd be dangerous. Many, many LJers have no idea what to do with an apostrophe. They could hurt themselves with the pointy end."

I thought marko_the_rat might like this (very cute) pic of a yawning rat. ^_^

Dinner was another happy accident. ^_^ I noticed the fridge was now home to two small packs of (cooked, alas) tiger prawns, which suggested a stir fry to me. Lo, a pack of frozen chicken chow mein was in the freezer, and swiftly into a hot wok. While that was getting heated up, I pondered what would bring the dish to life, and opted for oyster sauce and sriracha, plus a few bits of baby corn and asparagus (crunchy vegetables yay!). Plenty of tossing and a little garlic powder later, the Quest for Dinner was complete, and quite tasty, even if I do say so myself. ^_^ (Enough so that the rest went missing shortly after :)
*grin* Well, I'd had the old layout pretty much since I arrived here, and thought I could do with a bit of a change. I'll prolly have to get into the intricacies of S2 coding to refine it, as there are some aspects I'd like to tweak, such as making it use the full browser width (maximum offered by the UI is 85%, for some reason), but it's still a fairly clean design, but with a little more chromatic fun. ^_^

Not sure what was up with the album, but it seemed Coral was retaining the 404 from an earlier test - it'll work now. I may do away with Coral, as the new ISP doesn't have any transfer caps, so unless the site's seriously slashdotted, I should be fine.
(Deleted comment)
It's difficult to tell, of course, as I imagine if many folks have any problem, they'll just give up quietly, but at least as far as I've heard reported, Coral's been quite reliable overall. The main point was that the old ISP had a 250MB/day limit, for a 250MB webspace allowance. So, if Google and friends came knocking, they'd suck all the video available and knock me over the limit pretty easily, taking the site offline for as long as the ISP wished. (One of the contributing factors for leaving them)

I think I'll probably just serve all the files with straight redirections now, all the same - unless I somehow get absolutely swamped with requests for some bizarre reason, I should be fine, and it makes it that bit simpler.
Mmm. I still need to finish writing my own S2 style. ^^;;;

Huh. Ok.. I guess..

Whee, and there's new episodes of Damekko Doubutsu out!
Yipe! So there are! *fires up Azureus*

I'd love to see a DD skit at some anime con.. ^_^ (So, who would you be?)
Heh. Who would I be? I think I resonate most closely with peganosuke-san... what 'bout you?
Hee! Mm, I can see that..

I think I'd most likely go with Yunihiko-san. ^_^
Eep! And 24-26 just came out, too! Well, I'm limited by about 24K/s outbound, so I'll just leave 20-23 running for now.

Seen Lemon Angel Project yet? Just started the first episode, and it's looking reasonably promising; lots of bouncy J-pop and cute costumes. ^_^
Hmmm. Lemon Angel Project sounds interesting.. I'll grab the first episode tomorrow, once I school wireless.