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I absolutely have to highlight this commercial of a pronouncedly furry nature, by way of sumatrae. You can download it here (8.5MB), or here (1.9MB; almost the same frame size, just using a newer codec).

For FC2006 furry goodness, there are photos available from several furs, including Nuku Fox, Timduru, and Junkvist, with several more listed here. (But none of patch_bunny so far! No fairAnd you can see much better headshots of him here too!)

A few of my favorites:

One high point of Bambi II must be Patrick Stewart as Bambi's father. What a wonderful voice for a buck..

Given it's turned into an earworm, I feel I must share The Ferret Song (770K) with you, from At Last The 1948 Show Album, a pre-Python project from John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman, and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Woohoo! I'm free of the old ISP. ^_^ The connection went down a little after midnight on Wednesday, preceded a few minutes hence by an email from the new one, noting my username and password. Checking the router log confirmed I was getting authentication failures, so I just dropped the new u/p in place and restarted the router. Voilà!

And the site is fully functional, now with 1GB for clips and miscellanea, compared to the previous 250MB. This outfit's not as cheap as the other, but they're a clueful bunch with an utter lack of sliminess. (Sad, really - the other had been an excellent provider, until they began their descent into ever twistier terms and conditions. For light usage, they're still good)

Mercifully, it looks like the Disney/Pixar deal was negotiated sensibly, retaining Pixar more or less independent: "Pixar Executive Vice President John Lasseter will become chief creative officer of the animation studios and principal creative adviser at Walt Disney Imagineering [...]. Pixar President Ed Catmull will serve as president of the combined Pixar and Disney animation studios [...]. The two companies will remain separate, with Pixar keeping its brand name and headquarters in Emeryville, near San Francisco. Maintaining Pixar's unique creative character was a priority in the talks, executives said." So maybe this will turn out to be a bit like the NeXT deal after all.. ^_^

I'm sure austin_dern will be grateful to learn of patch_bunny's discovery of the iGallop, which, we are warned, is currently only available in HK and Singapore - it "supposedly mimics the trot of a horse, and promises 'flat abs, firm behind and toned thighs'", with, one assumes, the guarantee of a 1910 vibrator belt machine.

Anyone who frequents CuteOverload.com and knows Doctor Who might like this icon I just spotted..
Thought of making up a bunny of your own, maybe?

It's definitely been on my mind more and more recently. I guess for me fursuiting is a way to extend my interest in transformation into the real world, at least in a very temporary fashion =;) Even ignoring that, though, the whole concept just appeals to me as a very fun part of the subculture that I would hate to miss out on.

There's plenty of online help around - people, mailing lists, and the Fursuit FAQ is fairly extensive..

*laughs* Well, judging by my prior 'aristic' endeavors I would probably be better served commissioning something, but if my art and/or construction skills ever improve enough I certainly wouldn't rule out rolling my own.

...and if you need to justify the project, you could say it's something for Easter. ^_^

If you have any ideas for making them buy that, please let me know =;P

Oh, and do drop me a line if you ever decide to attend another con in the future! I would love to say hi, travel and schedule permitting.