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Here's the official word on Futurama!!
David X. phoned me about an hour ago and said that this Futurama project
is a done deal! Here's the word from DX---
There are 4 DVD movies that we'll start recording at the end of July or
August.Full feature length FUTURAMA movies.
Everybody is excited to get back together--as I am!"

- direct from Billy West. ^_^ (Penultimate posting on that page)

Austrian smoked processed cheese and haslet together make for a wonderful sandwich. :-9

Now this service is a little spooky.. go to the World Tracker GSM website, register the phone number (which sends a text message to it, which must then be confirmed), and for 16p, you can see where it was last seen on the network, with an accuracy of 50-500m. Potentially very handy, too.

Despair Inc. always make such wonderful posters.. how about Irresponsibility?

Yay! The Hello Kitty muscle car! ^_^

Nice.. Vienna uses a fairly commonplace three-pane system, feeds on the left, the right divided into subjects above, and article below. Click on a link, though, and the internal browser takes over the whole of the right side, as a new tab.

An advert for quentincoyote.

Oh, that's a minor pain.. the DS only supports WEP, not its rather stronger cousin, WPA. This is proving to be a pain; I've got Mouse acting as a WEP base station (I'm not exactly keen on downgrading the router, as Hyzenthlay's normally on WiFi), with its IP listed as a "DMZ" system on the router, and some appropriate port mappings.

But who cares? Animal Crossing: Wild World arrived. ^_^ There's something curiously satisfying in planting shrubs and flowers outside Tom Nook's store..

Ahh, then again.. there appears to be a DS WPA project, though perhaps temporarily stalled, given the update announcing 0.20 was on Dec 29 2005, but the download is still 0.01. The immediate prospects for official WPA support don't look too promising.

A Freudian moment from marko_the_rat: 'I really shouldn't take so long to type up minutes from my scribblings. I wrote down "Processes and business rules drive the design of the system" but read it as "Processes and business rules strive to destroy the system."'

Some vague ramblings about the PSP and DS, from a newcomer to both:

There's no question, for me, that the PSP's by far the slicker design. That lovely 16:9 display spans the unit nicely, and the feel is surprisingly solid overall. On the other paw, Sony seems quite insistent on the matter: Thou Shalt Not Homebrew, though there now exists a way of executing outside code (not including downgrading the firmware, regrettably), by way of an exploit in a certain game. Both units are apparently vulnerable to bricking - ie, a bad firmware update (official or homebrew) can render the unit absolutely useless. Frustrating, as it's certainly not impossible to design a two-stage bootloader - one part that's in ROM, or otherwise unalterable, the rest with updatable code. If something goes *squidge* with the latter, the first part can have, say, a watchdog timer notice the failure, and request a new update.

The DS's touchscreen is a surprisingly nice touch. So to speak. It's useful as a direction controller (eg Animal Crossing), and for keyboard input - far nicer than the PSP's cellphone-like system, but without the discrete hardware buttons.

The PSP (with firmware 2.50) handles WPA for WiFi - big win for me, as it can operate happily on my network without futzing. The DS looks like it's stuck with WEP, at least officially.. pretty idiotic.

And to think, Animal Crossing's bad enough - but there's (hopefully) Katamari Damacy (Japanese edition, for which I can blame slycat :) arriving soon. Egad.. I've spent more on gaming in the past month than in.. um. Ever? ^_^;
But don't you hate the reflectivity of the PSP screen? Especially when there's a lot of black, all I see is my mug looking at me...

I upgraded mine to 2.0 a while back so I can surf the web with it (it's quite slick) but I am never able to connect to my router unless I delete the one I have it setup for, and add it again.
I just make sure it's not black. :) True, the glossy finish to the screen does make for a pretty good mirror. Some laptops are coming out with similarly retro finishes, including some of Toshiba and Sony's lineups - it makes for some brightness gain, at the cost of being that much better a reflector. I'll keep the matte finish, I think. ^_^

Wonder if I could rig up a system whereby the PSP could keep refreshing a page (presumably it respect the refresh metatag) noting the number of new email messages I have in my inboxes.. that'd be really quite cool to have while watching something on Hyzenthlay. Now, if Sony can the ability to be a USB controller, rather than just a mass storage device - then it'd be possible to hang a little keyboard off it, and be done with that poxy faux-cellphone system. (It works, but it's hardly a selling point - I'm not going to get my mother on the net with that! :)

I've not tried multiple setups with 2.50 yet - theoretically, it should be easy enough, switching manually between WiFi configurations.

Such a pity Sony's continued down this path.. I'd been hoping their appointment of a foreigner (not exactly commonplace in large Japanese companies) might herald a change of attitude, but that mess with the rootkit on Sony-BMG CDs put paid to such hopes. (And to think, I nearly worked for the company responsible.. but they just didn't feel right. A costly decision, to be sure, but not one I've regretted)