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Via CuteOverload, a (particularly cute) bunny, as pointed out by worthyadvisor.

I've come to the inescapable conclusion that all gallery software sucks. Coppermine et al are fine if someone's only likely to want to see one or two images out of many, but what if you want to view the whole lot? None of them offer the blazingly simple option of "download all" - or even provide a link to the directory with the original files, for a simple ftp mget.

Quote for the day: "Unconventional styles do affect the reading of the work. That's what they're for, and that's why they have to be used deliberately. You can't just call your grammatical incompetence a 'style'. It's not helping the reader understand the story or get into a mood. It's just there, confusing people, like those teeny little arms on a Tyrannosaurus rex."

Ever felt curious about the International Phonetic Alphabet? This site has an excellent set of Flash resources, so you can hear what each symbol actually sounds like. The diphthongs & triphthongs section is particularly neat, with comparisons between UK and US pronunciations, each sound drawn out so you can clearly hear the difference illustrated.

I've finally been getting around to Life on Mars, a new eight part series on BBC1. I'll witter on about it at greater length another time, but so far, I'm enjoying it considerably. I believe I'll be fetching the other episodes as they appear. (Curiously, I don't think I've seen </a></b></a>shep_shepherd comment on the show)

Oh, that's cute.. ImageShack must look at the User-Agent. I only noticed just now that it advises "Press Apple+D to bookmark ImageShack". Wonder what instructions it gives if you're on a PSP.. for that matter, I should check how that identifies itself.

So.. got a DS. Not the pink one, sadly.. I'll have to leave that for another time, when I can actually find them in stock somewhere. I've had to settle for the rather more neutral silver. Anyway, I've got Mario Kart DS and Sonic Rush at the moment, with (of course) Animal Crossing on the way. (Hm. Should check up on what the battery life's meant to be like.. between it, Hyzenthlay, and the PSP, I should be good for even a Pacific crossing - one of the few times where it really doesn't matter whether you've got a window seat or not :) Didn't come with a stylus, which is a bit of a nuisance - for now, I'm using the tablet's, which does work very nicely. Sort of a deluxe model, though. ^_^ (Ah, no, there it is)

I think I'll be getting back into the RSS swing again. Unfortunately, progress on Feed seems fairly slow, so I'm trying out Vienna now - free, open source, and with a pleasantly uncluttered UI. So far, it's looking very good.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, now that's handy! I might install that sometime, for small sets of images, where it'd be more convenient than uploading them somewhere.

Hmm. I wonder if it's possible for it to use something like ImageShack as a parallel data repository - so full-size image requests would be served by a redirection to the image over there. Batch uploads are apparently possible, if you sign up - probably quite hassle-free, given how uncluttered (aside from those "Next Generation of Smileys!" ads..) their free service is.

I suppose it might be reasonable, where you're paying for bandwidth (or hoping the usage stays below certain levels), to have such "One of Everything, Please!" requests only available to those with an account.

Actually, come to think of it, another handy way of keeping traffic low might be using the Coral cache, with the caveat that files served can't exceed 50MB. That way, you'll only see (more or less) at most one hit per 24-48 hours, for each file.

I do like good fursuit pictures. ^_^ Nuku Fox's FC2006 pics are actually quite well composed. I'm hoping patch_bunny shows up in Saturday's crop. ^_^
I definitely need to find some gallery software too.

KDE has some built in stuff that's not too bad. But my images aren't exactly well organized. Some are stored in dated and more or less descriptive folders. Other have been just dumped into large "Unsorted" directories.

I just upgraded my laptop's Firefox and Thunderbird, and I too am digging the RSS thing. As usual, I'm following the trailing edge. But at least there's a lot of choice for content now. Although this probably means less time actually "working" at work. (I still think that being as informed as possible is still on of my "selling" points though)

Hmm. One idea might be if you can find an application to tag all the images with some metadata keywords - then you could easily serve them up based on matches.. virtual directories, really. As </a></b></a>tursi notes, the new Gallery supposedly includes that "download all" feature - so, that could be worth checking out.

Vienna's looking like it'll remain my RSS reader of choice, I think. NewsFire's an excellent one, taking its UI cues from iChat - very elegant, and worth the $20 or so shareware fee. But this pretty much does it all, other than being able to set the polling frequency per feed, rather than globally; a pretty minor issue, though.

RSS definitely can help a lot with keeping in touch, whether in tech matters or politics. Like NewsFire, Vienna's Dock icon has a little number appended to the upper right, indicating the number of unread articles - and I kept having to keep that number to zero. ^_^; Now, though, I think I've got that under control. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Oh, the angora? I've got to see if I can find some footage of one running around.. ^_^ Time to sift through Google Video and YouTube..

You might like peering through the Bunny Lovers Unite flickr pool - some awfully cute buns there, too. ^_^
Lovely site!  There used to be a linguistics school in Switzerland that offered a very limited set of samples online, but nothing as complete as this site!  Now I just have to figure out how to rip the samples out of that Flash format...
Probably the simplest, if not the geekiest, way would be along the lines of Wiretap Pro, which simply makes records the audio output. Obviously, you can't have any other app making noise at the same time, but it's an excellent means of capturing little bits of audio like that.

As for actually disembowelling a Flash file.. that's not something I've delved into, but I know there are such utilities around.
Shep has certainly made his feelings known re Life on Mars, on his own journal as well as mine.

Man, I can't wait for tonight's episode!
I got a comment on the BBC site RE ep2 [Bottom one]

And I'm only halfway through episode two.. ^_^; They sometimes lay on the differences a bit thickly, I feel, but then again - it's difficult for anyone to genuinely compare the two times, even as close as they are, without the aid of a time machine to experience the two "side by side", without the rounding of the edges afforded by memory. It's a pile of fun, though, with convincing performances throughout. Good to see the DVD set's already planned, too!
I got Mario Kart yesterday [£15 brand new still sealed] + want Animal Crossing too

You might like this [Title made me think of you]

Shep Shepard, Husketter and myself have been CRAZY for LIFE ON MARS since it came out, ep 3 tonight 9pm !!
Got ep.3 coming in at the moment; still watching episode 2. ^_^;

I was really disappointed when I first saw Rub Rabbits listed, and realised there weren't any rabbits. Hmph! It'd plainly sell much better that way.

(Sounds like it could be a fun title, all the same :)
And my copy of Animal Crossing was about £25 all told, from DVD Crave. Delivery was pretty quick, too. (So why's it coming so late to Europe? Who knows..)
Amazing page., guy