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The Fog of War looks like it could be quite an illuminating film, being an autobiography of Robert McNamara, and his role in the escalation of the US involvement in Vietnam from "advisory" to invasion, until his firing in 1968 after advocating withdrawal.

From the same paper, a superbly perspicacious headline: Stress hits US forces in Iraq.

Want a tank? Yours for $3000, cash only.

A Cleveland suburb approves a same-sex partnership registry. It's a long way from establishing the same legal legitimacy as heterosexual couples can enjoy, but, a small, positive step; with luck, one of many. It'll be interesting to see what the various Democratic hopefuls put forward as their position on the matter. Unfortunately, it's not among those addressed in this article, but it's nonetheless refreshing to see such clarity in politics. Of course, how faithful they'd be, if eelcted, is another matter.. Clinton lost no time in demonstrating a complete lack of backbone within his first weeks.

And story number 5 in this customers_suck posting is well worth reading. ^_^

Dinner: a quick salad of romaine, spinach, julienne cucumber in balsamic vinegar, cut up slice of cheese, tomato cubes, (very) low fat thousand island dressing, and eight chicken nuggets.

The compression of Divine Intervention finished acceptably quickly, working out to about 1/4 real-time, on my humble 400MHz TiBook. I left the subtitles burned in, rather than extracting them, for simplicity.. I need to look into how to embed them into an MPEG-4 file. As gigantic a spec as it is (owing much of its core nature to QuickTime, incidentally), I'd be amazed if there isn't provision for including textual subtitle streams, rather than the bitmaps used by DVDs.

Yumeria ep.2 (not exactly the most innovative series ever, but the first episode had a pleasant enough feel to it) and Mezzo DSA eps. 2 & 3 have finished downloading, so they'll come onto the queue at some point. I'm still hoping Anime-Fansubs haven't collapsed, as there've been no new episodes of Twin Spica since mid-December's episode 6. Of course, I'm also hoping we see more of Boboboubo Boubobo.
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