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Anyone who's worked in retail might enjoy this Mindless Self Indulgence video, directed by Jhonen Vasquez. Is fun.

The recent LJ introduction of subdomains and newfresh cookies for everyone, succinctly explained. ^_^

Well, that's something of a turn up.. peeking at Box Office Mojo just now showed Thursday's takings led by Brokeback Mountain, followed by Glory Road, Last Holiday, Hostel, and Narnia. True, it's January, but still - not bad going. And it's now showing in 1,196 theaters, considerably above its initial release.

Interesting little tweak - if you search on LJ interests now, following the old-style listing of matching communities, all the individual users (and it does seem to be all, rather than the first 500 or so) are shown in a simple matrix, with default icon, name, journal title, and all sorted by how recently they updated.

"A Baltimore judge struck down a 33-year-old state law against gay marriage Friday, declaring it violates the Maryland Constitution's guarantee of equal rights."

The trailer for The Wild suggests it might be reasonable entertainment, though the description does sort of remind me of another CG animated feature from not so long ago.. '"The Wild" follows a teenage lion from the New York Zoo who gets accidentally shipped to Africa and freed. His friends at the zoo including an older lion, a giraffe, an anaconda, and a squirrel must unite to bring him back.' Very cute squirrel..

Speaking of Disney, we're now hearing reports from the likes of the WSJ that they're in serious talks to buy Pixar, with the prospect of Jobs holding a seat on the board, and being the largest individual shareholder in the group. I'm always wary of takeovers, as they seldom go nearly as well for those concerned as for the people orchestrating such mergers - but, if Pixar were essentially left to run autonomously, it could be a good fit, considering how closely the companies have worked in the past, to mutual benefit.

You know, I'm sure there are thousands of kids who can beat this record. (Work safe, but you might regret seeing it :)

Wow, that's not bad going.. Lumines arrived on Friday. Maybe that holds hope for the others arriving soon. I'm afraid it's as addictive as claimed, even if I'm only at around 20,000 in Challenge Mode at the moment. ^_^;

Every now and then, a tale pops up on customers_suck that really makes one wonder.. this one is just such an example. On the other paw, this one is simply hilarious, and illustrates very well why men should behave when in a strip club. (I've heard of them)

If you're geekily curious, here's an article on the OS X boot process, including a brief introduction to Open Firmware (alas, supplanted on the Intel Macs by Intel's own EFI).

Kewl! Just got word from the (hopefully) new ISP that I should be migrated over by the 25th. They're very clear on the point that unlimited usage really does mean what people commonly think of as "unlimited", rather than a twisty variant thereof. 1GB of webspace won't hurt, either - plenty more space for site clips, and general randomness. ^_^ (Maximum individual file size of 50MB, which is fine by me)

Speaking of the site, it'll likely see a day or two's downtime as a result, as everyone's DNS gets updated, and the files uploaded to their new home; unfortunately, it looks like the webspace will only become active once the DSL switch has taken place, but that shouldn't prove any problem.
The recent LJ introduction of subdomains and new cookies for everyone, succinctly explained. ^_^

Subdomains for everyone? I'm all for that. Maybe now they can allow paid users to use Javascript in their S2 templates.
Could be interesting to see, though I'd imagine LJ might be worried about possible security implications.. has there been any such discussion on lj_dev?

I should get into S2 sometime. I recently went with a different theme for my journal, which I mostly like, but there are various tweaks I'd like to make, which aren't possible with the pre-packed UI. (Still, I do finally have dates by everyone's comments, not just the times :)

I'd also quite enjoy Flash icons to be permitted, though again, they'd probably want to screen the code to ensure it's only a local animation, without any other network access, both for security and network load.

And while we're at it, how about making things like rosequoll's "user" icons internal to LJ as an option? (Though there isn't really space for a rabbit with perky ears. Unless the bottom were around the teeth, to make way for the ears :)
When we moved to Philly, the tech sector was still in shock from Bush getting elected, so no tech jobs to be had for love money or free sex. I took a job at a local gas station/convinience mart to pay rent. Well, after that, I will believe customers will do anything. The one that took the cake was this woman who walked into the store while on fire and tried to purchase cigarettes.
Egh, the first couple years after Shrub's election were pretty dire on the tech front, indeed.

walked into the store while on fire


At that point, it's a toss-up whether to call the fire brigade, or point to the "No Smoking" sign. :)



(From <a href="http://www.rosequoll.com/lj.shtml>here</a>. Random note, I tweaked their code a bit, it used the old LJ addresses, I changed them to the new ones to avoid redirects...)
Oops. From here. Random note, I tweaked their code output from the old LJ addresses to the new ones to avoid the redirect delay.
The ears aren't nearly long enough! ^_^
Well, I suppose longer ears could be achieved by selecting one of the "Bunny" options instead of the "Red Panda" option... :)
(Deleted comment)
Agh, that kind of censorship's just ridiculous. Occasionally funny, though, as the inimitable Melon Farmers site notes, as with Vin Diesel's Pacifier: "The cinema and video versions from 2005 have all been cut as justified by the BBFC:  Company chose to remove the word “spazz” in order to achieve a PG classification. An uncut 12 was available."

Don't you feel so much safer that the (won't somebody think of the) children are being protected from such a word as.. "spaz"?

Ye gods.

Still - if you've got that track around, it might be possible to sync that up against the video; I did that with Moby's "Beautiful", as the audio on the copy I had was something grotty like 24kHz mono, but I was lucky with that one in the video and the album track being identical length edits.
I saw the video for the first time when I was over at theome's place last month. I can't say that I'm a fan of MSI, but the video is just simply awesome :D
Similarly. ^_^ I generally lean much more towards electronica (Orbital, Amon Tobin, Fatboy Slim, God is an Astronaut, et al), lightly processed or acoustic guitar, jazz (eg Buena Vista Social Club, Nina Simone), but some metal makes it through. I'd love to see more live action work from him, if this is what he can do!

(Another metal video I'm very fond of is Rammstein's "Sonne" - cool track, and really quite a video)

I'm digging that Mindless Self Indulgence sound!
Shut Me Up is a catchy little number!
It reminds me of some early '80s experimental punk/electro stuff.
Kinda like Fad Gadget with a dash of Ministry.

(I need a Dalek icon)
Well, it's not a Dalek icon, but it /is/ a Not-a-Dalek icon... :D

Made it from some .swf I found a while back...

Well, I got me a couple of Dalek icons since we talked.

You know, there's a Tex Avery cartoon called "The House Of Tomorrow"
that features a robot toaster that looks almost exactly like a Cyberman's head.
It's positively uncanny.
The cartoon dates back to 1949 and was released by MGM.
I know this because I own a laserdisc box-set called "The Compleat Tex Avery",
that contains just about every single cartoon Tex ever made for MGM.
It is one of my prize possessions.

Ooh! I need to dig that cartoon up. And, for that matter, check if that Tex Avery box ever appeared outside France - for some reason, there was a DVD release of all his MGM work, but only in France.. go figure. ^_^ (And MPEG-4 versions thereof all fit onto a single DVD! *cough* Or would, I'm sure, if anyone tried such a thing)

Seen the new Cybermen? I don't have an URL handy offpaw, but they're somewhat closer to some of the earlier designs.. very cool looking indeed.

My Tex Avery laserdisc box-set was released by Turner in the US.
As for the French Tex Avery DVD box-set, didn't you know that
the French worship Tex Avery? That crap about Jerry Lewis is
a smokescreen. Only the really young kids like Jerry Lewis.
Everybody else LOVES Tex Avery!
I remember, growing up, the yearly Tex Avery marathon on French TV,
with about 15 of his cartoons played in the original English
with French subtitles. Hardcore French cinéphilia!!

My only exposure to MSI's work is the Anime Music Video of their song, Bitches with the Pokemon theme. Well worth the viewing.
Ahh! I'll have to sniff that one out - AMV.org being the first place to check, of course, once I've finished getting the site's files relocated onto the new ISP's server. Yay for "unlimited usage means what it says" ISPs! ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Definitely.. it smacks of "knock-off". As Atlantis and Treasure Planet proved at the box office, graphical skill can't make up for a weak story. (Though I'll admit that whilst Chicken Little's story was pretty thin, it was still a lot of fun - far better than I'd been led to expect, but then, I do tend to dig Mark Dindal's animation direction)

Oh, the joys of the fart joke.. or burp, in Over the Hedge's case. :-/

I'm still waiting for some studio to pick up on Spellsinger.. much as I'd love to see it done with real costumes, CG's the obvious way to go. Or the Chanur saga, for that matter. Wonder if Alan Dean Foster's tried pushing it lately? Especially with Narnia's release, it might be an auspicious time to make such a deal. (I really should see it sometime.. :)