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PSA time: tugrik recently discovered his bank account empty, cleared out by some thieves in Bangkok who made numerous modest withdrawals until there was nothing left. "I asked them if they knew how these bozos got my card number and PIN number so they could use the ATMs there in Bangkok. The claims rep told me there has been a rash of this exact kind of fraud and it's been tied to the ATM payment machines at California ARCO stations. While she didn't have the authority to tell me anything official, she did relay that she'd been made aware of a software/hardware intrusion within ARCO's statewide payment system that was letting the ARCO pay-stations record the PIN numbers and upload them to the thieves. They then made fake cards with these numbers and went around Bangkok emptying ATMs until the cards didn't work any more." So - if you're in California, think twice about paying by card at an Arco station.

The Bush presidency as a text adventure log. ^_^

Freespace 2 is now available as a freeware download for OS X. It's a modest 1.4GB.

I did like the name of one suggested tourist vista in the Northern Mariana Islands, inviting you to "enjoy panoramic views from high atop Laderan Banadero (Suicide Cliff)". This is followed by a recommendation for the "sheer sea cliffs at Puntan Sabaneta (Banzai Cliff)". What else - Barking Mad Bottomless Pit Into the Center of the World?

This pic makes me happy: The Communist Party.

Someone's run some benchmarks on the MacBook Pro and other recent systems. Of particular interest to me are the video encoding and 1080p playback performance - and indeed, the newcomer acquits itself very well, encoding at 1.3x vs 0.5x for a 1.67GHz PBG4 in his test, and playing 1080p video at the full 23.796fps, against 8fps for the PowerBook. As Ars Technica's numbers for a Core Duo iMac illustrate, much depends on what you're actually doing, aside from whether the app in question is native or not.

This is quite a spiffy mouse.

The dangers of relying on spellcheckers.. check out the ingredients list. ^_^;

Okay, I suppose it was just a matter of time.. I've just bought a copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World. ^_^ Tricky finding anywhere with it in stock, though, so this one's coming from South Australia. Now to pick up a console - and the Nintendogs bundle (which includes a Siberian Husky) looks likely, assuming I can actually find it in stock somewhere local. (Am I right in thinking DS power supplies are single-voltage only?)

Eeee! There's going to be a Boney M musical - "Daddy Cool". ^_^ And to celebrate, here's a fairly insane cover of one of their tracks: Kiiiii! - Brown Girl in the Ring (2.1MB).

And who can't love a user icon like this one by rosequoll? ^_^

How is it? Looks like it could be quite good fun. (Though actual stock of the consoles seems a bit thin on the ground. Toys'R'Us seem to have some of the normal silver version, and Comet claim to have some of the pink bundle)
you can get it in Blue you know ?

I just got the silver one + Chihuahua & Friends

See you can get pirated versions of all 3 carts on Ebay now...
Ah, the pink looks much cuter. ^_^

Wonder if anyone's pirating UMDs yet? I'd've thought there'd be at least a few plants in China churning them out by the truckload by now - basically miniature DVDs, ne? (Not literally, of course, but in terms of duplication technology)
I think the pink one looks a bit WAY Girly/Gay

I kind of like the way it kind of looks like a Psion etc [Mines silver] I think you can get special Nintendogs stickers/skins to put on them