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Discovery for the day: "Irish Cream" flavor Aero. Muy bueno. :-9

This weblog entry is quite amusing, comparing Windows Vista, with audio from its demonstration at CES 2006, and video of OS X, in three video clips; direct links for clip one (5.2MB), two (2.6MB), and three (5.8MB).

I did like this tidbit regarding The Idiot: "Filmed as a two-part film running 265 minutes. Toho told Kurosawa that the film had to be cut in half, because it was too long; he told them, 'In that case, better cut it lengthwise.' The film was released truncated at 166 minutes."


I'd imagine most folks have seen it already, but just in case, here's a good quality version of the full two minute version of the deservedly renowned Honda "Cog" TV spot (5.8MB), and its "making of" short (10.5MB). Both are suitable for viewing on a PSP, but they'll be fine in any other MPEG-4 player as well.

Every meeting room should have a bear phone for conference calls.

Huh! Looking around ITA Software's flight search, it looks like comparatively few airlines actually offer non-stop LHR-SFO service: Virgin, United, BA, and Continental (just). Make it one-stop, and the number goes way up. Oddly, it's showing Virgin as cheaper than United - $509 vs $522.

This could be an interesting development in PSP game marketing: "Sony Computer Entertainment is experimenting with some new features for the PSP with three of its upcoming titles. According to the latest issue of Famitsu, a trio of games slated for release by SCE on March 9: I.Q. Mania, XI Coliseum, and Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen [...] Up until now, PSP owners could only compete against each other over Wi-Fi when both parties owned a copy of the game. However, the three aforementioned games will include game sharing, which allows users to play multiplayer games with only one copy of the game. The only catch is those involved must own a copy of one of the three games. For example, if one gamer owns I.Q. Mania and another owns Bomberman, the two players can play a multiplayer game of I.Q. Mania or Bomberman together."

Well, there I go.. my first PSP games are on their way from Hong Kong: the Japanese versions of Katamari Damacy and Kaito no Tatsujin Portable, and the US versions of Lumines and Wipeout Pure; sadly, both were out of Mercury. How is Lumines pronounced, anyway? I'm using three syllables, similar to "luminous".

The title of a book, Telepresence and Bio Art: Networking Humans, Rabbits and Robots, immediately brought momentrabbit to mind. It's a collection of essays by Eduardo Kac, who brought the world the genetically engineered bunny, Alba, who glows green under 488nm blue light; but don't be deceived by the apparent sensationalism - his site's genuinely worth reviewing.

Mmm. I might even buy Chicken Little when it arrives on DVD. ^_^ I'd been half-avoiding it since it came out, as the reviews sounded distinctly tepid (echoed by a 6.0 rating on IMDb) - but whilst you won't find great depth in it, there's stacks of great comic timing, in what is, after all, an entirely furry cartoon. ^_^ I'm still not taken by the character designs, I'll have to say, but the spirit of the film, and Mark Dindal's direction (Cats Don't Dance, Emperor's New Groove), definitely appeals.

(I thought the voice of the Principal sounded familiar, so I - of course - hopped over to IMDb, and found two roles he's better known for: Rex, the green dinosaur in Toy Story, and Vizzini, the Sicilian of The Princess Bride)

Pic for the day, as pointed out by rabitguy: RedFeather's "Keeper of the Rising Sun".

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