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So, another shirt I need to get: Sam & Max.

If you're in the Pacific US, you might want to keep an eye out for Stardust's return; it'll be the fastest artificial re-entry ever, around 0156 PST on Sunday. You can see anticipated entry path here, being overhead around the California/Oregon border, visible at about 10º elevation down around Salinas. It'll be covered on NASA TV starting at 0130 PST. If you do intend to watch it RL, they'd like you to register, to share your photos or video.

Honda's had how many exceptional adverts now? The Heath Robinson "Cog", the Garrison Keillor "Hate Something" campaign, the recent Impossible Dream, and now "Choir" (9.9MB). Just brilliant. ^_^

Speaking of resurrection..

Where can I find good sake in the Bay? Whole Paycheck Market have a few nice bottles, but with the emphasis on the "few" - maybe six or so. Ranch 99 tends much more towards Mystery Chinese Distillates.. (some of which can be quite fun :)

The comments to this David Hasselhoff photo need to be read. (Moderately work safe)

So, I weakened, and picked up a PSP. Now I too can enjoy the wait for a 1.50 firmware downgrader; this one came with 2.50. ^_^; ffmpegX yields decent results after all, once I discovered the PSP only accepts 24kHz sample rate audio - using 32kHz locked it up solid. PSPware also works very well, able to handle various media (video, photos, music, etc), syncing and transcoding automatically if preferred.

Annoyingly, I can't seem to get it online, though - setting it up for WPA with the router's key just brings me a cryptic hex error code when it comes time to test the connection. I certainly don't want to have to fall back to WEP or completely open just for the PSP. (The router in question is a 3Com 3CRWDR100A-72) [Edit: well, yes, it would help if I added it to the router's list of permitted MACs]

Entirely mortal retribution: "But Mr Robertson faced his own retribution yesterday when the Israeli Tourism Ministry pulled the plug on a £40 million partnership with the controversial preacher to build a biblical theme park on the shores of the Sea of Galilee."

wolff_slaven, go here! ^_^ (And anyone else in need of a cute ferret or two :)
Ah, languages. The endless mystery of communication. I had to take a language in hgih school to graduate (2 years of spanish), but for the life of me I couldn't communicate in it. Just couldn't wrap my head around the translation in my head fast enough to carry on a conversation. I don't know how people do it.

A friend in Sunnyvale lives next to a member of the Mexican Consulate. The family is teaching their kids, both around 5-6 years old, to speak several languages. The mother speaks to them only in one language, the father only in another, the grandmother in another, and same with the grandfather. Damn kids are fluent in four languages. I think the average number of languages spoken in Iceland is four. Average!

Was a great Beetle Bailey cartoon from years ago.

Officer: Do you speak any other languages?

Beetle: I speak Sergeant.

Officer: Sergeant?

Beetle: !%*#%^@#$%!$!
Good grief.. ! That's quite a novel strategy (to me, at least) - probably quite helpful in getting the different languages separated in their minds, as that tends to be a bit of a problem in young polyglots, as I understand. Damn, I'm envious.. ^_^; I wish I'd been brought up bilingual (at least!) - as is, I'm essentially reliant on my mother to talk with most of my family, given we're mostly to be found in the Hamburg neighborhood. (One step-sister spent a while in Naples, but eventually settled near Paris - their sons are at least French/English bilingual, possibly with Italian too)

There's surely so much one misses by not being able to read other languages, especially from an early age, having those fond memories of authors we'll barely ever even know of.

I do like learning languages, but I need a decent course to focus around. Back at school, I took French reasonably successfully, supplanted by a few months of Russian when we wound up taking the exam early. I can't say I really remember any Russian, other than the alphabet, but our tutor had such passion for the tongue - it was lovely just to hear him read. (And fortuitously, he took over for the Latin tutor for a few weeks at one point. Ah, now, Latin delivered - quite deliberately - in a Muscovite accent.. now that's just wonderful. A Fish Called Wanda had that nailed :)

Still, I can find my way around a menu in various languages, so I'm somewhat safe. ^_^