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Yay! Now there are versions of Lugaru available for OS X, Linux, and that other one. ^_^ (A registration code is a very reasonable $20) [Edit: oooh, I've spotted a shirt I must get]

I had to pass this along, after sockscatt pointed it out: Gackt and an on-stage neko sea. ^_^

So, the Intuos3.. well, actually, it's pretty good. I'd prefer a Bluetooth interface, but that seems a bit scarce on their lineup at the moment. No power supply or batteries required, so it's world-friendly. The driver CD failed to mount, which was fixed by just downloading from the site (and a more recent version to boot). There's a fair amount of dead space around the tablet, but that'll probably be fine once I have the space to stretch out the setup. (Yes, stretch out a laptop and tablet. Space is tight :-P)

Positional accuracy is excellent. I've not yet tried out the angle sensitivity. Pressure sensing seems easy to use. I've not tried the other two nibs that come with it. Aesthetically, it fits in with Hyzenthlay quite well, though the USB cable stands out a little.

Corel Essentials 2 works fine, even if it did give me an System 7 flashback by insisting all other apps quit during installation. ^_^;; (And Corel aren't doing so well?) Very basic, but it'll suffice for now.

The tablet itself is light, and easily repositioned at awkward angles. The included (batteryless, cordless) mouse works perfectly out of the box, and tracks well; the top buttons have a bit much of a clicky sound to them, but I'm a PowerBook addict, so I'm used to much quieter actuation.

That doodle in my last entry.. maybe there's a bit of Liquid Sky in it.

Of the current plethora of CG animated features (and was it so long ago that Toy Story was such a milestone.. :), the only one that really strikes me as having potential is Hoodwinked. But, I could be mistaken; I was once, in my naïveté, looking forward to Mission to Mars. Proof indeed that any event, howsoever majestic and inspiring, can be turned into a feature as riveting as IRS tax codes. And lo, the Metacritic reviews are in, and fairly cautious.

Page 51 of Closet Coon is now up, courtesy of Poop. Yay! Mmm, sushi..

I wonder if the station managers thought long and hard about their new callsign?

And picture for the day simply has to be kenket's wonderful impression of Brer Rabbit. ^_^

<td>Brer Rabbit, by Kenket</td>
I think Over The Hedge has potential too. Also, Cars looks terrible but Ice Age 2 should be fun.
I'm sort of guarded on OtH - it might be pretty enjoyable, if they don't aim for the bottom. I'd probably go along to see it with some friends, all the same.

Cars I'll see, simply because it's Pixar. I wasn't taken at all by the teaser for The Incredibles, and wasn't all that keen on an all-human cast, but it turned out to be perhaps their best-written yet. And writing is definitely one of Pixar's strengths.

Ice Age 2.. ah, probably not my taste. I didn't like the character designs in the original, and found the story very lacking. Blue Sky's best work, by far, remains Bunny, as far as I'm concerned - a beautiful, moving short indeed. (And, as I recall, what led to their being able to make Ice Age)
It's sad that Blue Sky hasn't really lived up to their potential they showed with Bunny. Maybe they sold their 'soul' when they sold out to Rubert Murdoch. Despite owning the DVD, I can't really force myself to sit through Ice Age, and Robots was unbearable to have to sit through in the theatre.

Oddly, director Chris Wedge's birthdate on Wikipedia is listed at 1968, yet according to IMDB, he was one of the animation tools programmers on Tron. He would've had to have been about 12 or 13.
Rabbits are so cool. }:)

And let's not forget jackalopes! ^_^ Ah, those mighty battles of the Spring, wherein the fighting males lock horns..
Its what happens afterwards that is more interesting. ;)
We just can't help it. =:P
(Deleted comment)
I'll admit I've only seen the publicity stills thus far, not the trailer, but I noticed that mentioned in the reviews. The animation may be composed digitally, but there's still every ounce of skill required of the animators as ever it was. Timing, that subtle (and exaggerated) flexibility.. there's a lot of acting involved, really, but of a variety that only really can be expressed in film rather than RL. Technology plays a part, and gods know folks like ILM and Pixar keep busy on that front too, but shorts like Everyone Else show the value of sheer talent.
Oh my. I see what you mean. I've seen better animation in amateur productions! Oh well.. looks like it's up to the writing on this one. ^_^
Oh my. Br'er Rabbit! What an incredibly sumptuous apparition! *swoons*