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Google Earth for OS X is now officially out. ^_^ Has anyone subscribed to Google Earth Pro? Do you find it worthwhile?

Apparently, the arctic hare can reach around 64mph (103kph). ^_^;

From Grzimek ed.2 vol.16 p.484, "One of the only known instances in which a lagomorph survives by eating meat is found in an isolated population of the collared pika (O. collaris). These pikas live on nunataks, or small islands of rock in the middle of a sea of ice, protruding from the Seward Glacier in the Yukon, the world’s largest non-polar ice field. It is remarkable to find pikas in this environment, and even more so that they can survive on the few plants that also hang on in this bleak place. These pikas eat the brains from birds that die while flying overhead and fortuitously fall on the nunataks giving them their slim margin for survival."

As they say - it's a living. Just not for the birds.

While I was disappointed to see Charles Kennedy edged out of the (British) Liberal Democrats leadership, perhaps Simon Hughes would be an effective replacement, "putting an emphasis on radicalism, civil liberties, public services and the environment."

There seems to be some confusion in the past few days regarding the R1 release of the recent season of Doctor Who - it may have been postponed in the US, but might still be on course for Feb 14 in Canada. (Of course, there's always the R2 release, out now)

Ah. There appears to be a reason for this. ^_^ Outpost Gallifrey's news page notes "the US-based Sci-Fi Channel, owned by NBC Universal, has secured a deal to broadcast the 13 episodes in America starting in March, beginning on what Outpost Gallifrey believes is likely March 17 (the week after the season finales of the popular "Battlestar Galactica" and two "Stargate" shows), at 9:00pm Friday nights, and it will likely conclude at some point in mid-to-late June in time for Sci-Fi's summer premieres of those shows", and "In addition, BBC Video has moved the US release date of the DVD from February 2006 to July 4, 2006 to capitalize on the exposure from the TV broadcast." [Edit: it appears the Doctor Who webmaster at the BBC has heard the news..]

And here's (1.1MB) why it's not a good idea to look like a seal in front of a polar bear.

So, with any luck, I should be migrating DSL ISPs for the site's back-end within a week or so, assuming the two companies (well, three, including the actual DSL line provider) involved play nicely together. The old ISP's policies had gradually become more convoluted with time, so I'm shifting to one where matters are more Wiccan in philosophy. :)
wave power feels fairly problematic still

It's a shame the ecological effects of tidal power haven't been worked around yet, since given the very high tides in this country I'm sure they'd be able to provide a goodly amount of energy.