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'Course, I couldn't help but think of mycroftb on reading this entry regarding Animal Crossing. What will I be letting myself in for.. ^_^

This could be a promising community.. scifi_fashion, dedicated as its name implies to the aesthetics and fashion of sci-fi.

Dalek passport photos.

Wow, the tablet works!

No, I don't think I'll be uploading that one at any higher resolution. ^_^;

Meanwhile, some kind soul has taken it upon themselves to be armed with the goatse photo, and a camera, to capture people's first reactions thereto.

And why doesn't FA have "rabbit" as one of the species options? Four different kinds of dragon, though..

Damage control, or an earnest desire for real change? "Conservatives call for return to core Republican principles": 'Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican congressman who co-led the petition drive that helped oust Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, said in an interview yesterday: "We don't just need a new majority leader, we need a course correction. "A lobbyist can't be corrupt unless he has somebody to bribe, and we've created a culture that just breeds corruption," he charged.'

fairybear pointed out this groundhog gem of a streaming Flash trailer.

Huh. So Toys'R'Us is going to close down? Oh well. Nasty places. Not quite as depressing as Wal-Mart, but only through their ironic sterility.

Chumbawumba have posted a very cool mini-editorial on CD copy protection. "Well, I'm not one to believe statistics and the like, but most recent independent research clearly shows that these same people who illegally download music on P2P networks also spend more money on legal downloads (from sites like Napster, iTunes store etc..) and buying CD's than those people who don't venture into this shady world."

Further musings on the MacBook with cheese:
- there are mixed reports on battery life. I've seen one person report they've called Apple, and been told it's similar to the previous PowerBooks; another says they were told the official line is "no comment" until they're actually shipping. One person pulled out the AC adaptor at the show and saw around four hours on the menu bar battery meter, another just saw "calculating". My guess is it'll wind up around the five hour mark on light duty.
- the card slot isn't PC Card or PCMCIA. Whilst ExpressCard is a compatible protocol, the standard comes in different physical widths - 34mm is the narrower, and thinner than a PC Card. Apparently quite fast, though. [Edit: You can find the ExpressCard overview here. Unlike its PC Card/CardBus/PCMCIA predecessors, it isn't backwards compatible - even aside from the different width of the narrower variant - as it's based on a combination of PCIe and USB2]
- no reports yet on what the boot process is like internally. As I recall, Apple said it wasn't going to be Open Firmware - perhaps Intel's new baby? Apple has no BIOS baggage, after all. [Edit: looks like it's Intel's EFI after all]
- and as one Slashdot commenter noted: "Be bloody, bold, and resolute! Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm MacBook." ^_^
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