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Looking through Wikipedia's entry on the PSP leaves me a little confused - are games, in reality, region-locked or not? I see an ominous "2" above a globe on UK PSP games.. and it then goes on to claim that while games aren't locked, multiplayer games do have to all be of the same region. Ick! Can anyone confirm this? How's the DS in this regard?

An alternative look at MacWorld. "With the new Intel chips it was hard to only include two or four of them at a time because they are so tiny and don't require heat sinks the size of masonry. That left a lot of room for the engineers to play with so the new PowerMacs will ship with sixteen dual core processors that are kept cool by floating in a bag of liquid nitrogen. The speed is off the charts and NASA has been brought in to help calculate just how fast this thing is. As a demonstration, Steve will launch a set of Adobe Photoshop actions that will resize every image on the planet, turn the atmosphere sepia, and then back to normal, all within about one minute and some change."

'Roo fans might like to peek at the artwork in Killeroo's LJ.

Heh! "Inspired by the book, director-producer Kenneth Johnson wrote an adaptation titled Storm Warnings, in 1982. The script was presented to NBC, for production as a television mini-series, but the NBC executives rejected the initial version, claiming it was too 'cerebral' for the average American viewer. To make the script more marketable, the American fascists were re-cast as anthropophage aliens, taking the story into the realm of science fiction. The new, re-cast story was the mini-series V, which premiered on May 3, 1983."

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Mario Kart's really changed..

Finally, a graphics tablet is mine: an Intuos3 6x8. ^_^ Or will be, on Wednesday; maybe I'll actually be able to add new artwork to my FurAffinity page, after an embarrassingly long break in new creativity. (Though FA certainly has its share of bugs to squash.. re-uploading Canine Surprise left it without a thumbnail, and wouldn't accept any changes to the metadata. Then there's that irksome matter of non-visual uploads all receiving a generic icon, with no indication of the story/song/poem's title or author. Still, it seems to be gradually getting back to normal)

I'm looking for a quadband phone.. any recommendations? The RAZR V3 looks tempting - thin, light, good screen, and happy with OS X. Not sure yet what its data capabilities are, though - something compatible with 3G/EVDO services would be handy. ('Course, that also entails finding suitable plans from UK and US carriers; US cellcos are notorious for long contracts, if they even let you buy a SIM rather than the phone from them)

Aha! I should soon be able to watch the first episode of Life on Mars, and the first in the documentary series Iraq: The Bloody Circus. (And then there's The Planets Revisited..)

I thought this user icon, spotted in a posting by azurelunatic, might appeal to funos, amongst others:

And OS X Update 10.4.4, QuickTime 7.0.4, and iTunes 6.0.2 are now fresh out of the oven and in Software Update.
(Deleted comment)
Well, chinchillas would be much too small. ^_^
Life on Mars BLOODY RULES [Watched it twice yesterday] much better than any of the New Dr Who/s IMO
Aaa! I need institutional grade bandwidth. ^_^ It's still only on course for viewing sometime on Wednesday, at this rate. Seems to be quite a popular torrent, too.

Some may disdain the British TV license fee, but I'd contend it supports one of the few great journalistic enterprises around, whatever damnable cockups they may commit, along with programming that reaches far beyond "reality TV", and into journeys across the world, looking into ways of life on the other side of the planet, drama like LoM and DW (Sci-Fi or otherwise), and excellent snark like HIGNFY and Room 101 (if you've not seen the recent one with Phil Collins yet, you'll love it :), let alone all the local radio stations, and regional TV units, including the deservedly renowned BBC Bristol wildlife folks. Add in BBC3, 4, Parliament, News 24, and the rest - and that's often original programming, not anything piped in or bought up from elsewhere - and it's pretty damned good value.

Or there's CNN "no news can't be snipped into a thirty second slot" and Fox News, of course. :)
Must be why we've got 'Chimp week' all this week at 7.... [And they haven't even got the decency to give them names like Galen or Cornelius]

Sorry, but the BBC make a HELL of a lot of crap.... They kind of 'fly the flag' in terms of cheap 'wallpaper' television [Fly on the wall documentory on...BUS DRIVERS, hot on the heels of the Hotel + Airport ones they did, Makeover shows, DIY shows, Ballroom dancing etc etc]

Hyperdrive starts on BBC2 tonight [Cheapie 'Red Dwarf' type Sci Fi comedy]

Hope you get all of 'Life on Mars' soon, first BBC prob thats made me sit up and take notice in a bloody long time

P.S are you American or a English/Ex Pat ?? I can't work it out ?
With PSP games it's simple. You can (currently) play any game from any region on any console, however if you want to play multiplayer over wifi, you both have to have the same region game. They could if they wanted add region protection for games but I don't see that doing them any favours.
That's quite a weird system.. ^_^; Still, certainly could be a lot worse - and as I recall, Sony have said the PS3 will do likewise. (HD-DVD too, though that's apparently going to have some fairly serious DRM on top, to the level of being able to disable individual players that have been fiddled with)

And play.com have the Giga Pack for £205, £25 more than the Value Pack - not a bad difference, given I'd probably soon be wanting some sensible memory stick anyway. Very tempting..

Oh, did you buy your PSP in the UK, or from Lik-Sang? I'm wondering if the power adaptor's worldwide or not. Not a huge matter, but it'd certainly be better not to have to worry about what's coming out of the walls.
I got my PSP from Lik-Sang back in March. They come with a power brick type transformer thing which has a figure of eight style socket. I'm just using my UK Dreamcast power cable with it :)
(Deleted comment)
Shame about their habits and politics - I always rather liked the aliens, and never really saw why they insisted on maintaining human disguise even on their ships. ^_^

We need more furry sci-fi. How about C J Cherryh's Chanur saga? Plenty of scope for action and space battles for the mainstream audience, and lots of interesting aliens.. the k'n'n'n would be fun to bring to the big screen, though. ^_^;