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It's definitely MacWorld time.. just about all the Mac-related sites are either groaning under the strain, or have given up the ghost entirely, like Ars Technica. ^_^;; One of the survivors seems to be here, though. Not much in the bulk of the keynote, but now:


Intel CEO is on stage in A BUNNY SUIT!

“Intel’s Ready”. Apple’s ready too. Hard work … nights and weekends ….

Something big is coming

INTEL iMac!!! Same form factor! First Mac with intel processor today. built-in iSight. Front Row. Same features and same prices as non-Intel iMacs

What’s the difference?

TWO TO THREE TIMES FASTER than predecessor, dual cores “Intel Core Duo”. Speed scores blow the G5 out of the water. [oh snap]. 3.2 times faster.

10.4.4 is Native x86, all apps it ships with are native, all universal binaries, including new products, on the disk, in the Box.
All Pro apps with be universal binaries by August. Trade-in PowerPC disks for intel disks for $49

Quark XPress is universal binary.

All iMacs ship with Rosetta (transparent emulation for non-universal binaries) Office runs great on Rosetta.

Roz Ho on stage. From the Microsoft Mac Business Unit. They’ve worked hard to make sure Office works well on Rosetta. They’re on track for Universal Binary migration. New M$ products for at least 5 years, per official agreement.

Photoshop is crazy fast on the new Macs, even with Rosetta

Safari is incredibly fast.

The new iMacs are shipping …. dot dot dot … TODAY!.

All Macs will be Intel by 2007

New mac ad showing: like the old ones … but snarky.




MacBook Pro. New Name!

Intel core DUO! 4 to 5 times faster than the PPC powerbook.

Aluminum-looking. Different sleep light. One Inch thin!! Thinnest ever! 15.4″ screen, as bright as the cinema display! iSight built-in!


Irda port. Apple Remote. Front Row. Magsafe: Safety power cord … a magnet. No more accidents.

5.6 lbs.

Two models: low-end and high-end.

Shipping in February. Order today.


[Edit] The MacBook Pro specs are over here. Compared to the 17" PBG4, it's much the same (save for the big difference :), with the loss of Firewire 800, but gaining Radeon Mobility X1600 with 256MB (was Radeon Mobility 9700 with 128MB), 1GB of memory on the faster model (was 512MB), and the Front Row remote & integral iSight. No mention of battery life, which is a little worrying. Interestingly, they've finally abandoned the internal modem - that's now a USB optional extra.
Mm, I'd have been much happier with something like "PowerBook Duo".. "MacBook" sounds like something obtained in exchange for being a loyal fast food customer. (Mind you, such a tie-in would be fun to see :)

Gods, the reviewers are going to be climbing over each other for demo units.. it's going to be very interesting to see how different apps shape up, like ffmpeg/mencoder, Maya, Final Cut Pro, and Potatoshop. Virtual PC should be a little better. ^_^

Hope the battery life's at least as good as it was - there doesn't seem to be any mention of it in the specs, and they normally trumpet 4-5 hours, or whatever the model du jour attains.

I don't need one, but I would like one. :)
Mmm, I don't expect the battery life to be that great: after all, they made the screen brighter by some decent percentage, ne? And with a more powerful processor... power consumption's going to be much greater... And even with improving battery technology.... :: shrugs:: How's the weight of the MacBooks vs. old PowerBooks? (maybe even battery weight, if that information could be found...)

Apps.. mmm. I'm looking forward to being able to play some PC games and run PC things.... that'd be nice.
The pentium M's ("duo" now) kick ass in power consumption/performance.
Newer intel P-M books get 3-5 hours of battery life. The battery performance of the new Duo is actually BETTER than the previous pentium Ms.
So yeah, it won't be worse than the powerbooks plus you'll get at least 2x the performance in multi-threaded apps/in general. So ner.
Oh, ok. Consider me corrected. =^^=
...Oh, and in the interested of becoming better informed, would you happen to be able to link a few articles/report/whatnot?
http://www.anandtech.com/mobile/showdoc.aspx?i=2663 is the main one.
I'm sure other review sites will be benchmarking them soon.