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Oh dear.. a new documentary series on Channel 4 in the UK promises to bring some bad puns to their subjects. The first one? "Circumcise Me". ^_^; (Have I mentioned how wonderful BitTorrent is?)

Via triggur, one of the stranger furry Flash animations (1.9MB) I've come across; some background on it.

Soft Claws: "Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Claws are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your cat's claws. It covers the claw tips so no damage occurs when your cat scratches. Each package of Soft Claws contains 40 nail caps, 2 tubes of adhesive, applicator tips and easy to follow instructions."

That'd be fun to watch.

Sounds like the movie adaptation of Bloodrayne is pretty bad.. ^_^ (What is it with Ben Kingsley's agent? Even moreso than John Hurt, he can find the most wondrous roles (Gandhi!), and still wind up going for the worst dreck around.. Species, anyone? Which, for its sheer cheese value and Giger design work, I actually bought :)

As one of the comments put it:

"I have to admit, at the beginning of this review I was almost slightly tempted to see this movie (though I had never previously had any remote inkling of a possibility of a desire to see it), if only due to the bizarre human psyche. Example: A person smells something absolutely terrible drifting out from around the corner, is disgusted for a moment, and then... breathes more deeply, if only for the purpose of determining whether something can actually smell that bad.

However, by the end of the review, even that inkling had been quashed."

But hope is not lost - Brokeback Mountain proceeds to gain momentum, its theater count bumping up to 483 as of last Friday. (Interestingly, the reader grading on Box Office Mojo is almost all "A"s or "F"s - 72.9% vs 21.1%) And apparently, Howl's Moving Castle is in the number two spot in British cinemas. (Brokeback Mountain opens in the UK next Friday. Interestingly, it will be showing in Singapore, not known for its artistic freedom - there, it debuts on Feb 16)

Schwarzenegger laid out his 10-year plan for infrastructure overhaul in the state, coming to $222b. Not surprisingly, it entails heavy debts and indirect financing, rather than making it clear that expenditure must also be paid for. However! There are what seem to be many long overdue proposals included, and should probably be given due consideration. Gods know Californian schools could use a load of attention.

It's time for the annual MacWorld rumormongering to reach its peak. ^_^ Actually, it seems to've been relatively low-key this year, so far, with speculation mostly around the possible introduction of a 13" widescreen iBook, possibly single-core Yonah-based, and relatively minor possibilities like an iPod boom box.
You do realise that Bloodrayne is directed by what many cal 'The modern Day Ed Wood', right?

Ewe Boll is possibly the WORST director of all time. Remember 'House of the Dead'? This guy takes sucky video games and makes eve suckier movies of them. Next on his hit list isDungeon Siege the Movie.
Well.. as this article that xolo pointed out to me, there might be a significant difference between the two directors. It's clear Ed Wood loved movies - he just wasn't good at making them; Uwe Boll may well just be tapping into a quirk of German tax break laws.

And the money just keeps on coming his way.. *sigh*

(I still wonder what was left on the cutting room floor with Species, though. It gave various hints there used to be a lot more there; perhaps the victim of late "reworking", as I understand Event Horizon was, leading to a variety of continuity breaks)
Grandma's Boy is getting better reviews than Bloodrayne. >^.^<

I love Rottentomatoes.com and their one-liner review synopses.

"Whatever else you may think of Boll's directorial 'skills,' you can't fault him for inconsistency -- his movies are always atrocious, and Bloodrayne is no exception."
"Flip to any random sequence in BloodRayne and you'll see a film professor's most vibrant nightmare."

"BloodRayne is a visual joke, with Boll limply organizing a period horror/action film with all the confidence and subtlety of Baby Huey, and with about the same level of literacy."

Oh, finestkind! RT have done away with their use of full-page ads that must be viewed before being permitted to proceed. That's kept me away from the site for a while, actually.

I did have to check who wrote "the perfect video game to film adaptation, complete with level bosses and magical power-ups", which is pretty trite, let alone applied to this steaming pile - but, he doesn't seem quite like one of the industry shills, even if I'm not exactly familiar with the publication or site in question.

And all for a 5% rating on the ole Tomatometer? Impressive. ^_^ Of course, there are the occasional cases I'll quite disagree - Pluto Nash wasn't a good film, but the half I saw indicated it was a reasonable waste of time, considerably better than the similar rating it garnered. (They just didn't seem to quite know whether they wanted an action film with some humor, or a sci-fi comedy with action)

BTW, any idea what happened to that post-MST3K project most of the Best Brains were working on? I've not heard anything on that front in a year or two.
Oh, gawd. Pluto Nash. I rented that expecting a halfway decent comedy for snuggling in the evening. I wanted to tear my eyeballs out.

I've not heard of anything from BBI since the series ended. Sorry.
I think Johnny Mnemonic or Independence Day have to surpass Pluto Nash in the eye-gouging stakes (two f'r a dollah! Roll up!), though. Oh, maybe add Judge Dredd to that.. *sigh* I'd been looking forward to that film for years, and then.. it came out. Of a script processor on "high", with little flecks of storyline puréed in. (And was it so difficult for them to remember Dredd never takes his helmet off? At least, not so anyone can see)

But I can see PN wouldn't be much for snuggling up to. Tampopo would probably be rather better; I recall really wanting to during that, but there wasn't anyone suitable around. *sigh* Babe would probably work really well, too.
I took an arachniphobic GF to see 8 Legged Freaks. Not only was there no snuggling, but it was thrown at me in fights for a loooong time.
(Deleted comment)
Attracting such talent is fairly mind-boggling, certainly.. the best explanation I can think of is the Michael Caine defense. As I recall, he explained his participation in Jaws 2 along the lines of him being paid millions to spend the several weeks, in the winter, in the Bahamas. Which, really, isn't such a bad reason. ^_^

But quite how Boll manages to keep getting the money in the first place - the best explanation does indeed seem to be tax breaks, under a quirk of German law. Still, can it really be that attractive a deal, even beyond any reasonable hope of turning a profit? (Still, I wonder what AitD's video business has been like.. even the stinkiest cinematic excretions seem to find a loving home on DVD and VHS)

Wha'.. ? Critics: 18/100 Users: 8.7/10

Having seen The Longest Yard remake, I think Burt Reynolds is deep in the "I need a paycheck" category. The others have no excuse.
Oh, my.. I just noticed another of Burt Reynolds' forthcoming features: Cloud Nine. Although the synopsis does seem remarkably honest.. ^_^;
Soft Claws

A good idea, if it's going to stop people declawing their cats. I've never seen them in the UK, since we tend to accept that cats have claws as part of the deal, but for all I know they do get sold over here as well. I'm slightly concerned about this on the website, though:

the most discrete feline

Presumably not Schrödinger's, then. =:P
It'd be interesting to see some comparisons between clawed/declawed cats in the UK and US; and indoor/outdoor cats, too, as there seem to be many more indoor-only cats in the US, though that perception could be quite mistaken.

And yes, isn't it axiomatic that cats are pointy at five ends?
I don't think you could do a clawed/declawed comparison, simply because I doubt there are enough declawed cats in the UK to form a reasonable sample - and the vast majority of those will have been declawed for medical reasons, which adds another complication.

The indoor/outdoor thing might be interesting, though. I live on the edge of town, and practically every cat here is allowed out, but that's probably different in city centres. There's also a point I haven't seen mentioned, that suburban American houses are generally considerably larger than British ones.
jesus h christ...Bloodrayne msucked on sooo many levles, but I will say it was better than Uwe Boll's usual tirade of shit (house of the dead, alone in the dark)
Looks like he's got plenty more practice lined up, too. ^_^;;

SoftPaws are rather effective -- and they come in a variety of colors, so you can accessorize your cat -- although putting them on is really a two-person job or requires a mighty copacetic cat. You have to trim the real claws, put a dab of glue inside the shell, and fit it over the cat's claws and hold long enough for the glue to set. Lasts a while, depending on how good a glue you get and how hard the cat works to break them off. The blunted claws are enough for some traction, but they won't tear most stuff, particularly not flesh.

Theoretically winding up with a peacebonded cat, and not too many flecks of human on the floor. ^_^; It does sound like rather a foreboding process, though, along the lines of "simply get your cat to swallow this pill, following a nice bath".

Are such enterprises typically covered by medical insurance?
Circumcise Me was shown on BBC 3. I know i watched it!

O RLY? ^_^

I've yet to watch it, save for a quick skim through, which disappointingly didn't seem to feature many/any before & after photos and experiences. (After all, if someone's always been cut or uncut, how well qualified are they to speak on the matter? At least, as the possessor rather than recipient, anyway :)

Still. Wonder what other topics they'll be covering? Piercings and other bodymods would seem to offer potential.. (nipple rings, yay! Should be free to all :)

And one that is going to be on C4 (okay, More4) - The Bloody Circus, looking at Britain's participation in the Iraq invasion; you can see the trailer here (16MB). You may need to tell the player to force the width to 1024, if it doesn't obey the file's metadata correctly - not counting the letterbox bars, the actual image is about 2.35:1 (1024x416).
The problems is that not mainy people have experienced it from the inside of the possessor as it were :)