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Presenting the next Oscars: Jon Stewart!

I think I'll take a peek at Life on Mars; it's a new drama coming to BBC1 soon, looking at a detective swept from 2006 back to 1973. Not exactly the first occasion time travel's been used in a drama, but, it might be worthwhile. Here's one of the trailers (2MB).

You really want to read this entry by the inimitable Ursula Vernon, wherein she recounts.. memories of dogs. ^_^

This Sanyo camcorder might be in my future this year. I'd like to get something HD-capable; even though my old Hi-8 Hitachi's still going strong at about ten years old, getting the right coal for its steam chamber is becoming troublesome. It's "only" 720p, whereas there's also a similarly priced Sony capable of 1080i; unfortunately, it looks like 1080p remains the preserve of professional units in the five digit range. Being able to double as a reasonable still camera (5.1MP) would be pretty cool, too.

Big bunny.

From Romania, an advert against cosmetics testing on animals:

(The original 2.5MB version can be found here)
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And just for the hell of it, here's a German musical curiosity I came across a while back in some long-lost net.nook: Dschinghis Khan - Moskau (5.1MB), with much, much more polyester than you probably recall him being originally famous for.
Hm! Sounds like CT'd be worth a look at least.. whenabouts does it date from?

Ah, The Tripods. Frightening stuff.. not even sure I'd be able to watch it again. (See also Cube, inspired by a work by Jim Henson from 1969)

True, ITV doesn't seem to have much of a SF track record - though we shouldn't forget Sapphire & Steel. ^_^ The interplay between MacCallum and Lumley was quite something. Pity it sounds like the CG Captain Scarlet crew's been disbanded - certainly, its TV budget showed, but I was impressed how faithfully it followed the spirit of the original, taking full advantage of CG to accomplish scenes they couldn't have dreamt of realising with marionettes and physical sets.

If only C4 could find their way to being an innovative broadcaster again - but they've drunk too deeply of Big Brother. (As have the current Republicans, but that's another matter :)