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Presenting the next Oscars: Jon Stewart!

I think I'll take a peek at Life on Mars; it's a new drama coming to BBC1 soon, looking at a detective swept from 2006 back to 1973. Not exactly the first occasion time travel's been used in a drama, but, it might be worthwhile. Here's one of the trailers (2MB).

You really want to read this entry by the inimitable Ursula Vernon, wherein she recounts.. memories of dogs. ^_^

This Sanyo camcorder might be in my future this year. I'd like to get something HD-capable; even though my old Hi-8 Hitachi's still going strong at about ten years old, getting the right coal for its steam chamber is becoming troublesome. It's "only" 720p, whereas there's also a similarly priced Sony capable of 1080i; unfortunately, it looks like 1080p remains the preserve of professional units in the five digit range. Being able to double as a reasonable still camera (5.1MP) would be pretty cool, too.

Big bunny.

From Romania, an advert against cosmetics testing on animals:

(The original 2.5MB version can be found here)
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And just for the hell of it, here's a German musical curiosity I came across a while back in some long-lost net.nook: Dschinghis Khan - Moskau (5.1MB), with much, much more polyester than you probably recall him being originally famous for.
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