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Where can I find some good furry t-shirts? I've looked through Rabbit Valley's offerings, but much as I enjoy Backbreaker Studios' works as prints, none really appeal as shirts. As an indication of what I'd like, the MFM2004 winner (the "8-ball" skunk) was one I'd like to've had, as was the recent Circles design. Are there any 0r0ch1 shirts, maybe? :-9

This clip from Japanese TV (5.9MB) shows a game involving the tossing of "wax frosting", which freezes on impact with the contestant. Quite curious.. looks like fun, too. ^_^

Every now and then, a supermarket, for all its lumbering inflexibility, can (somehow) come up with a brilliant idea - as such, I should like to share a recent discovery bordering on genius: carrot cake cookies. No frosting, but still.. they're really rather good.

*sigh!* Graywolf does make the most lovely corsets..

I'd like to get back into amateur radio, I think. I'll have to look into reactivating my license, and checking into whatever reciprocals I'll need. Sadly, my ol' FT-290R is history, bought from the tutor who taught our license class. ^_^

Via rubberskunk, word that XP Home will cease to receive security updates as of the end of 2006.

Have you ever let magic smoke escape? (And then, purely by chance, I come across this clip, illustrating what happens if you have a Duron at 3.8GHz, notice the fan's stopped, and take off the heatsink.. it's worth watching :)

I thought this test might be fun. ^_^


You scored 60 masculinity and 83 femininity!
You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.
Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
Have you ever let magic smoke escape? (And then, purely by chance, I come across this clip, illustrating what happens if you have a Duron at 3.8GHz, notice the fan's stopped, and take off the heatsink.. it's worth watching.

I had a hard drive spontaniously decide to spring a leak in one of its little magic smoke chambers about a year ago. It was *amazing* how bad it smelled. I still have no clue as to why it happened, but it made a nice scorch mark on the removable drive sled it was in.

Something tells me that aspects of that video might of been faked. The hole in the motherboard in particular is hard to buy. (After all, the hot part, the die, is on *top* of the whole affair. The energy of an explosion would tend to radiate outward and upward, like the old "hold a firework in your hand" bit. It doesn't blow your fingers off unless you curl them around it.) It's also interesting to note how the die on their "exploded" chip doesn't appear damaged at all in the closeup.

There's also the fact that the "Duron" line topped out at well under 2 Ghz, so overclocking on to 3.8 seems *really* unlikely, but...
Hmm. You could well be right - that would also explain the otherwise quite impressive hole in the workbench, which looks quite smooth, rather than the result of an explosion.

I wonder if someone from AMD could verify its authenticity? ^_^

My own experience was, sadly, much less dramatic - I'd just reconnected power to an old Xebec 1510A controller, using just the pins. Except I managed to confuse +5 and +12V.. it powered up, with all the status lights on quite brightly. Thinking it to be some controller malfunction (well, I suppose it was..), I power cycled it a couple times, then just left it on. A few seconds later, I smelled that smell of a digital soul ascending to silicon heaven. The main LSI chip had a very tiny bump in the package where some special silicon had been..
I wonder if someone from AMD could verify its authenticity?

The video is actually a plant from Intel's marketing department. ;^>

I'm sure this is was inspired by the (relatively famous) Tom's Hardware Guide video which showed how snatching an old Athlon bald-headed let the magic smoke out. "Gee, if Athlons can catch fire just running normally, just imagine what'd happen if it were l33t-ly Ov3rC10ck3d! Boom!" Funny, but... not too likely.

Sadly enough, I have a picture lying around of my exploded hard disk IC:

Magic Smoke
I doubt it would blow a hole in what looks like 12mm chipboard either, without moving the motherboard or damaging the socket. And funny isn't it how that heatsink appears to just be resting there, not even held down? And why bother, I wonder, to demonstrate what CPU it was without knowing it was going to blow up?

Most definately a fake.
(Deleted comment)
That would tie in with the hole that's visible in the workbench, yes; which looks quite cleanly cut out, rather than the result of an abrupt increase in local pressure. Ah well - it's still a funny clip. ^_^

Are you speaking from experience on the latter point? ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Electrolytic caps are fun to play with too. Set the bench supply to max, hook it up with reversed polarity, flip it on, and watch it blow its top /literaly/! :D (Some form of glasses recommended, don't aim it at anyone, you know the drill.)
I wondered about the legitimacy of the clip, but then decided, hey, it's January and I'm easily amused. ;) If it was squibbed, well, so it goes.

I've let the magic smoke out of.. Uhm. Too many. ;) Here's three.

  • Homebrew power supply - that was just a few strands of the line-carrying wire crossing on the psb, but they vapourized with a bright lovely spark when I powered it the first time. Gave the electronics teacher quite a shock - never heard him swear in Greek before. Worked fine after the pyrotechnics, though.

  • 2-line 20-char LCD display: Wired up the supply voltages wrongly. Did you know LCDs can boil? Neither did I.

  • PC brought to work was acting wonky. Had it sitting on the workbench, powered up and running while I checked on another machine and ran a drivescan - there was a loud pop!, and when I turned back, thick white smoke was venting out of the power supply louvers and drifting downwards slowly, like the 'smoke' from dry ice. Very cool, if rather alarming. An electrolytic had blown - found the now-empty can inside the ps when I did an autopsy on it later to find out what had pfft'd.

Ooh. Don't suppose you've got a photo of the boiled LCD? That sounds like something worth repeating, save for the problem I think my innate prohibition against inflicting harm on the defenseless would kick in. That LCD wants to grow up and raise a bunch of little pixels too, after all.

I've mostly been quite fortunate in having power supplies trust me and maintain a pact of non-violence (electrolytics can be such hot-heads), with one exception, after fitting a DSP board into one of my work systems at a previous job - turned it on, and soon started smelling That Smell. I engaged Mongoose Mode and darted around in search of the fatal scent, determined it was the dual G4, and yanked the power.

It has occurred to me for some period of time that an enterprising individual or three should be able to make a small, nice living making furry t-shirts of various and sundry ratings.

It obviously hasn't occurred to anyone else.

If you do find any nice furry t-shirt places (other than, say, Furbid), do let me know, I want to buy.

Thanks for the link handoff - the article I linked to explained why, namely, because Vista wasn't expected to be this late. There's got to be no chance at all that it's going to stay terminated at the end of 2006, but if there was no chance at all, why didn't someone notice it earlier? At Microsoft?
The duron video is obviously fake. For starters, it would've locked up hard/melted already if the fan wasn't spinning.
Secondly, you can see the entire CPU casing explode at the edges, where it would be just the core that should “explode.”

Tomshardware has some good videos on what _REALLY_ happens to CPUs when you pull the heatsink/fan off.
As soon as you mentioned "Japanese" and "wax" I was reminded of a show I saw on MTV or VH1 called "Radical Re-cuts" where they take music videos and re-cut them with silly clips inserted in various strategic locations. They did this with "Foolish Games" by Jewel, which I have a copy of. I have no place to host it, though...

They have clips of this ice wax stuff, plus people getting stuck in human fly-paper, a clip of a wrestler throwing a poor guy on an electric griddle, and more wacking Japanese game shows...