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Now this.. for this I would learn to drive.

The Java-based Falling Sand Game is.. curious. You've got several different items you can position, from water to plantlife, and a starry slug-like creature..

Abramoff pleads guilty. Poor Mr DeLay. ^_^

So, it looks like Brokeback Mountain's faring surprisingly well at the box office. Despite an anaemic 269 screens, it's reached $15m in box office, against a $14m budget. I've not yet managed to see it, but I think I'd like to.

It's just as well elephants can't drive - just think of the rate oil reserves would've been used up if so. And if they'd been American elephants..

I finally got around to burning off a pile of videostuff - and freed up about 48GB. Yipe! Now, I would like to know why these "Mr. DVD 8x DVD-R" discs report in Toast as being 4x, though..

Dinner was something of an accidental success. ^_^ The focus was a surprisingly good applewood smoked pork loin from the local supermarket, just roasted gently without anything added. I made up a random sauce using one packet each of leek & potato and chicken & mushroom instant soup, a dash of hot smoked paprika, pepper, and garlic salt, the whole served with mashed swede & potato and some steamed broccoli.
I think you should write a book "100 dishes using cup-a-soup" it will probably be a run away sucess. I made guacamole pasta yesterday having found 2 tubs of the stuff in the fridge on there use by date that i aquired from the supermarket for 5p a tub. Hot guacamole i have never tasted before
*giggle* Trouble is, I never work from recipes - it's all just on the fly, thinking of what influences some herb or combination of ingredients might have, and how that might play against the rest of the dish.

Ooh, hot guacamole? That might be fun to stuff chicken breasts or thick pork chops with.. maybe leave them for a day or so in the fridge, for the flavors to diffuse into the meat from within, given you wouldn't want to cook either for very long. (Once had some incredibly good pork loin at some random place in the south of France, several years ago. It'd obviously been braised very gently for a few hours, with a good bit of garlic and a little oil. So beautifully tender.. !)

How'd the pasta turn out? What meat did you put with it? I'd go with chicken, I think, or perhaps tiger prawns. Or for something a little more experimental, chunks of raw tuna.
(Deleted comment)
Maybe just carry the bikes in the spare one? Means having to hire a driver for that one, but still.
I'm sure you're aware of the irony that Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen these days. I'm terribly amused by the fact that the car's engine is basically two W8 Passat engines joined at the hip, quite reminiscent of the 24 cylinder Allison V-3420 motor which during WWII found its way into scads of experimental aircraft. It never actually powered a *successful* aircraft, so one must wonder if that's a bad omen. Not that I'd shed many tears for someone who could afford a 1.3 million dollar lemon. ;^>
Egad.. that's some impressive technology at work in that engine. A pity it's not a touch cheaper, but still.. ^_^; I'm hardly a car geek by any stretch of the imagination, but a bottom line of 1001hp for 0-60 in 2.5s is.. well, remarkable. And rather a beautiful design, too, in an age of turgidly mundane profiles.

Hmm. If they do make a fourth Back to the Future, as seems to be possible now, that'd make one hell of a successor to the ol' DeLorean.. ^_^ (Though I doubt anyone could bring themselves to so mod one of those - it'd have to be CGI enhancements :)

Ah yes, the Bugatti Veyron.
I have a subscription to Car And Driver magazine (an American publication), and they ran detailed article on it, complete with high-speed test drive
(one of the staffers actually drove it). Not only is it insanely powerful, insanely fast,
and insanely expensive, it's also really comfortable and well civilized.
Forget those noisy little hot rods like the Ferrari F40 or the McLaren F1 Supercar!
The Veyron is posh! You can actually hear the sound system!
Car And Driver also did a slow-speed test, to see what it's like as an everyday driver.
It's very good at it! This thing is great at any speed!
This is porbably the best all-around supercar ever.

Eeeeeeee, love the icon! =:D
*giggle* It was one of those that I knew absolutely had to be made into an icon as soon as I saw the full image. ^_^ (I also made two others today, the original images pointed out separately by rabitguy, but you need to look more closely at those, as the contrast isn't as good - from this posting. I especially like the really fluffy bun on its back :)
:: shrugs:: I think the disk speed issue's a combination of possible lower-quality disks and/or weird burner hardware? I have cheap CompUSA branded DVD-R disks that are supposed to be 4x, but I only get 2x speeds, which tends to make burning take forever...

...or it could be because DVD-R's burn slower? I have a stack of DVD+R's somewhere, that actually burn at 4x.. I think. Although they might be rated 8x.. I don't quite recall.
I'm suspecting it's the dye not quite up to snuff, yes.. these were just a random purchase from the supermarket, rather than my usual mail-order supplier (which is much cheaper, despite not having nearly the buying power of that chain..). I'd lean that way as the Pioneer 108's got a fairly high reputation for good writing behavior, and can normally manage whatever a manufacturer claims. (Hyzenthlay's internal writer, a UJ-846, is rather annoyingly fussy on the matter, though. Even with some good CMC-AE1 dye Datawrite discs, it still wouldn't go above 2x. Not a huge matter, but disappointing, when it's theoretically capable of 8x)

Don't suppose you've seen any sane prices on dual layer discs lately? They still seem to be way more expensive than single layers. Pity, as I'd happily pay double for double the capacity, just to keep space and weight down. At this rate, we'll start seeing HD-DVD and Blu-Ray recordables reach similar commodity prices first.
Arrrrrrrgh. The sand game is addictive! Don't give me addictive things! I have work to do! :P
Glad to be of service. ^_^

BTW, did I ever show you Grow v.3?
I've finished GrowV3. :D
Mashed swede?! *hides Swedish friend*
But they're so tasstyyyy!
"Abramoff pleads guilty. Poor Mr DeLay"

What are you trying to say here? That American politicians are corrupt?!?

(the Otter runs off screaming)