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Clear proof of Japanese technological superiority: soy sauce-dispensing chopsticks.

Does anyone know what the real differences are between Wacom's different lines of tablets? There's the Volito2 at the low end (for which no OS X support is provided), as well as the Graphire and Intuos series.

"Bamboo Munch", one of the finest red panda pics I've seen.

Dolphins can't suck. So newborns have to form a watertight seal around the nipple, and let their mother actively squirt the milk out.

Fun flash animation (2.3MB) for the day, by Lupus Wolfe, illustrating the composition of a particular final piece. Not work-safe. ^_^

Apparently, some trees have good credit.

Why do so many people talk about "reality TV", when it's nothing of the sort? (Same reason "infomercials" are named thusly, despite a negative quotient of information)

Rather unfortunate that V for Vendetta couldn't have been released (or rather, wasn't - AFAIK, it's all ready) on Nov 5 after all; IMDb's now showing it as due around March 17. Still, the trailers suggest it might be worth catching; I think I prefer the first one, but the second puts the setting into greater context. (If you have a reasonably recent system and good display, try the HD versions)

Dinner was quite satisfying, and simple: a little water and the contents of a small package of asparagus tips, baby corn, and mangetout, microwaved for two minutes, then some instant chicken & mushroom soup powder added, plus a little sriracha and soy sauce. While that was going on, I had a dozen battered chicken nuggets under the grill, which were duly escorted to the top of said soupy greenery. Tasty enough that I forewent the Rochefort 8 until I'd finished it all off. ^_^
Well, you've obviously seen Omen's work, since you have one of his famously drawn bunny buns as an icon. :P Dark Natasha has drawn my two absolute favorite rabbits. I happen to have the prints of them. >"^_^"
Ah, if only that 0r0ch1 icon could be a photo of me.. ^_^

Oooh! I think I may know the two you're thinking of, by her. She manages to capture a realistic 'morphic look exceptionally well.. add in her attention to fur texturing, and you can wind up with some justifiably famous results. Just a bit of a pity lapines aren't her focus, but still.. :)

I'd say I'd love to see posters of them be made available, but I don't know if I could really gaze upon them too often, for fear of yearning for that reality. Better a little tucked away, for occasional enjoyment. ^_^