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Clear proof of Japanese technological superiority: soy sauce-dispensing chopsticks.

Does anyone know what the real differences are between Wacom's different lines of tablets? There's the Volito2 at the low end (for which no OS X support is provided), as well as the Graphire and Intuos series.

"Bamboo Munch", one of the finest red panda pics I've seen.

Dolphins can't suck. So newborns have to form a watertight seal around the nipple, and let their mother actively squirt the milk out.

Fun flash animation (2.3MB) for the day, by Lupus Wolfe, illustrating the composition of a particular final piece. Not work-safe. ^_^

Apparently, some trees have good credit.

Why do so many people talk about "reality TV", when it's nothing of the sort? (Same reason "infomercials" are named thusly, despite a negative quotient of information)

Rather unfortunate that V for Vendetta couldn't have been released (or rather, wasn't - AFAIK, it's all ready) on Nov 5 after all; IMDb's now showing it as due around March 17. Still, the trailers suggest it might be worth catching; I think I prefer the first one, but the second puts the setting into greater context. (If you have a reasonably recent system and good display, try the HD versions)

Dinner was quite satisfying, and simple: a little water and the contents of a small package of asparagus tips, baby corn, and mangetout, microwaved for two minutes, then some instant chicken & mushroom soup powder added, plus a little sriracha and soy sauce. While that was going on, I had a dozen battered chicken nuggets under the grill, which were duly escorted to the top of said soupy greenery. Tasty enough that I forewent the Rochefort 8 until I'd finished it all off. ^_^
I had to go and check out her VCL offerings.. really quite lovely work, but regrettably, it seems terribly lacking in lapines. Maybe I'll try asking if she's done any elsewhere, as that's a style I'd love to see represent the genus, reminiscent of Dark Natasha and Jakkal.. or even that rather memorable Anklebones/Wormwood rabbit & deer pic. ^_^ (Not safe for work)
Well, you've obviously seen Omen's work, since you have one of his famously drawn bunny buns as an icon. :P Dark Natasha has drawn my two absolute favorite rabbits. I happen to have the prints of them. >"^_^"
Ah, if only that 0r0ch1 icon could be a photo of me.. ^_^

Oooh! I think I may know the two you're thinking of, by her. She manages to capture a realistic 'morphic look exceptionally well.. add in her attention to fur texturing, and you can wind up with some justifiably famous results. Just a bit of a pity lapines aren't her focus, but still.. :)

I'd say I'd love to see posters of them be made available, but I don't know if I could really gaze upon them too often, for fear of yearning for that reality. Better a little tucked away, for occasional enjoyment. ^_^