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(This entry's soundtrack can temporarily be found here - 2.9MB)

Haile, the interactive robot drummer. It's not a mere mimic, but a jam partner.

And a bunny has a brief fling with a balloon..

Are lop-eared rabbits a result of selective breeding, or originally from the wild? And has anyone attempted to measure what effect lapine ears have upon hearing sensitivity?

Jools' Annual Hootenanny looks like it'll be good background for seeing in the New Year, with guests including Goldfrapp and Marc Almond. ^_^

Penguin sweaters.

Got the champagne ready for tonight - a new one to me, too: Moët et Chandon Vintage 1998. Research on which made note of "Moët's 28 kilometers of cellars, which - unlike the houses in Reims - had no ancient Roman excavations to take over but had to be dug out by the winery's own workers over a 150-year period during the 18th and 19th centuries."

Via bosn:

And in parting, as noted by plushlover, New Scientist advises males masturbate as often as they can in order to avoid prostate cancer later in life. (Does make for an interesting trio of tags, doesn't it?)
semen, which is rich in substances such as potassium, zinc, fructose and citric acid

Sounds more like the ingredients in a cold cure that a bodily fluid.

Still only 5 times a week :) Still as every ejaculate contains a mans daily supply of zinc if you don't take extra zinc you will have white patches on your fingernails.

I have visions of a WW2-era poster, exhorting people to stay healthy and productive: "Swallow! For England!"
What was that about then?
You were talking about the healthy properties thereof, remember? ^_^
What Swallow sperm! For England

Doesn't sound something very ww2


Poor bunny! That balloon was leading him on...

I don't know if they've checked to see how rabbit ears help, but they've scaled up fennec ears and slapped 'em atop people as a demo in science centers and museums, and yes, they make a considerable difference.

(Amusing Furry Reference for the Day: Revar is the 6th hit on Google for the search "fennec ears".
They were getting along so well, too. ^_^;

Ah, yes! I recall hearing about that fennec ears demo (so to speak). I think I'm going to have to try some investigation into the matter. Seems it'd be easy enough to evaluate bunny hearing as normal, by judging when volunteers react to a sound of gradually increasing loudness, establishing a useful threshold; but simulating human-scale ears would be more problematic, as I doubt many rabbits would be overly taken by the prospect of noise-cancelling headphones, even if they were free. Maybe if an iPod shuffle were included also?

Ooh! I have a picture of Revar - one of the illos Zjonni drew of her for Yarf. (In storage, regrettably; with any luck, that may change in the coming year)
Balloon was a heartbreaker. *sniffle* The sweaters are just wrong. And.. um.. interesting results. <.< >.>
Not that I've seen it yet, but I imagine March of the Penguins would've been a very different movie, had the cast been thusly attired. Then again, maybe they could've been sponsored by Gap or Old Navy.

I want to send that poor bunny a replacement. ^_^
Semen contains:

aboutonia; ascorbic acid; blood-group antigens; calcium; chlorine; cholesterol; choline; citric acid; (DNA); creatine; fructose; glutathione; hyaluronidase; inositol; lactic acid; magnesium; nitrogen; phosphorus; potassium; purine; pyrimidine; pyruvic acid; sodium; sorbitol; spermidine; spermine; urea; uric acid; vitamin B12

Some quick google exploration indicates that the lop was bred as a meat rabbit. I've never come across wild lops rabbits, so I assume the lop ears are an artifact of the breeding to produce a large bunny.
Frank Zappa told us that masturbation prevents prostate cancer years ago. No one took him seriously. However when some fancy-smancy science journal says it...
I heard this aalong time ago on the news, though nothing about Frank Zappa. I also heard that manual stimulation of the prostate was helpful too, and I've been busy ever since.