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Finestkind! It's finally time for two of Studio Ghibli's best works to see new Buena Vista DVD releases: Totoro and Whisper of the Heart, due on March 7. And Dreamworks has apparently set a date of Feb 7 2006 for Curse of the Were-Rabbit. ^_^ (Same day as Mirrormask, as it happens)

I really should commission a piece or two of myself. Trouble is, I'm not quite sure what I look like, especially now, wherein my species isn't quite certain.. it's something of a disconcerting, confusing feeling, I'd have to admit, yet also somehow exciting. But I do wish it'd pass..

So, what happens if you drive a car behind a 747 on full thrust?

Any font geeks will want to see the tale of Little Yellow Writing Hood. I'm looking at you, amelitatwinstar.. ^_^

stego_s_aurus pointed out some rather neat sculptures, made from old tires.

rubberskunk might be interested in this enjoyably cheesy (poignant, but still cheesy) cyborg TF from the 1978 Annual of 2000AD: The Symbiote (1.1MB). All hail the miracle of BitTorrent!

Wewt! The 3com switch/WiFi/modem works perfectly out of the box. The PSU's only single voltage, but that'll be staying here, so that's not a concern. Supports WPA for WiFi encryption, so I'm reasonably secure on that front. (I did like the way the password's noted as permitting spaces and non-alphanumerics, but trying to use those brings up a warning saying those aren't permissible) Only weirdness is the time setting doesn't appear to function at all - trying to set it manually or over NTP just has no effect, leaving it stuck in 2038. But that only affects the logs, so it's nothing to worry about. Not sure what I can do with the bundled 802.11g card, though, given Hyzenthlay's wirelessness is internal and included.
(Deleted comment)
Ah, they're JPEG-2000 images. (I'm reliably informed IrfanView is happy with them in WindowsLand)

And it came from a gigantic torrent of several hundred issues of 2000AD, including a couple of the early annuals. But I didn't think people would want to go for the whole 12GB. :)
Ooo! I've never seen "Whisper of the Heart", but I fell very much in love with "Totoro" on my first viewing. Such a kind-natured, involving sort of movie. The Totoros and the Catbus rocked as well :D
I'd still consider Totoro to be perhaps Miyazaki's finest work. Such a gentle backdrop to the story, gorgeously rendered, and with such real heart.

Do see if you can catch WotH! It's perhaps the least "fantastic" of the studio's work, inasmuch as it's all - aside from a few all-too-brief scenes which inspired The Cat Returns - set in regular, modern urban Japan, but the characters are amongst the strongest for all that. The jam scene, around midway through, is quite a highlight of the feature for me - it's difficult to convey quite why, as it really takes having been through the first half yourself, but the simple joy that's expressed there is quite wonderful.
Wow. I wonder how the cars would do if they drove directly toward the plane from the back. You see that in movie productions sometimes... and I'm guessing it wouldn't happen in quite the way the writers seem to think.
Would be fun to see a writer balk the conventional screen *cough* wisdom and actually include a realistic representation of the effects.. who'd ever expect realism in a Hollywood action flick? :) (Seriously, a touch more in that direction might well make for an even more thrilling result - remember how captivating the swordfight with Inigo Montoya was? They studied real swordplay, for a genuinely realistic feel)
I'm not quite sure what I look like, especially now, wherein my species isn't quite certain.

Oh dear! Well what species do you think you are? And I think that i have it bad not knowing what breed i am :)
Going by Ayame Emaya's work, I'm wondering if you're keihound's long-lost brother. :)

Me? I'm really not quite sure, at this point. I've always (okay, since about 1994) considered myself a red panda, and there's still a lot of me emotionally invested in that. But I've long had a lapine side quietly there too, which seems to've almost taken over lately - I find myself expressing myself much more "accurately" lately as a result, at least visually, even if I can only wish to match 0r0ch1's tail.. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
I admit I was somewhat disappointed with TCR, perhaps because I'd been looking forward to it so much, following its announcement; I'd found WotH such an especially emotionally engaging work, and TCR came off, for me, as a much more lightweight production. Still, maybe I should watch it again sometime; there's no such thing as a bad Studio Ghibli feature, after all. ^_^

As I related to xolo above, WotH's perhaps their least "fantastic" film - aside from the regrettably brief scenes with the Baron, there's no anthropomorphics involved, simply genuinely engaging, touching characters, blessedly free of the schmaltz Hollywood always feels compelled to ladle on. (And like the best animated features, as a result, it's genuinely suitable for any age)
Yay about the movies! And... remind me never to drive behind a 747, m'kay? Okay. ;)
It's perhaps just as well dogs only like chasing after tires on cars, ne?
And cute bunny bums, of course. ;)
Thanks for "Little Yellow Writing Hood"! That was so engaging, and the type design jargon tickled me! :)
Wow, I LOVE that icon, what's it from? :o3
Hypnotic, isn't it? ^_^

It's from a piece by 0MeN:

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