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I really enjoy Venus Hum - Soul Sloshing (2.2MB). What can you recommend, on that basis? Upbeat, bouncy, twangy synths a plus, good bassline.. (ah, I missed my true calling as a music critic :)

(Amongst other things, I know I'm going to have to seek out some more of The Astroglides, based on The Man with the Golden Reverb)
May I suggest asking that same question to Last.FM or Pandora? :)

Personally, I really like Hummingbirds by her. I found out about her after watching the Blue Man Group DVD and really liking their version of I Feel Love with Venus Hum singing the vocals :)
Ahhh, good idea! I'm only finally getting back into sorting out my music collection again, now that I've got Hyzenthlay. (Time to bring over all the graphics files, too, and get some more written out to DVD-R.. only got 4.65GB spare at the moment, out of 115GB :)

Blue Man Group! Gods, it took me this long to discover them? I'd heard the name here and there, but never really knew their work until a week or two ago, back in the echo chamber that doubles as the client company's office. (Same guy that persuaded me into seeing Los Lobos, too) She does have quite a remarkable voice - now and then, it's got little sprinklings of Björk in it, too.

(Björk Flakes! Part of this complete breakfast)
Yeah, her singing style certainly reminds me of Björk. And I'm planning to see Blue Man Group in February as they are in London until March :)
Ooooh! I might even be able to make that. ^_^

o/~ A-Googling We Shall Go! o/~

Think I want the song from this advert, Sad huh ?
Ahh! I remember when that ad came out, but I'd never actually caught it. Got the high res extended version coming in now. ^_^ (Yay H.264!)
I'd not seen it before [Not airred over here as far as I know] saw it mentioned on another LJ group, going to try getting the 'Heartbeats' song off iTunes
Ah, that's a lovely track! (And a beautifully photographed advert, too, down to the frog leaping away from the drainpipe)
I'm not sure if its a bit of a trick, the balls seem to move at different speeds etc [Computer manipulated / Photo trickery ?]

Imaine if you innocently stepped out of your house when that was going on, like a surreal hail storm....
Ooh, I hadn't seen that before, great advert. I'd love to chuck 250,000 bouncy balls down the streets of San Francisco :D
Me neither, Don't think it airred over here [England]

Did I see you at a Brighton meet once ? recognise your name
I went to a Brighton meet and we went to Shakeaway together :P
Oh yeah, Bit of the ol' Moloko+
Great track! I am addicted, must find more from this band! Never hesitate to throw other great tracks you find my way. :)
Easily done. ^_^ There's some Brazilian metal/reggae/rock waiting on the server now - I've not had time to check it all out, but the first few tracks are promising.
Um.. try Blue Man Group's "I Feel Loved", no twang but upbeat and bouncy and good good bass... oddly, it also reminds me of Erasure's cover of "Take A Chance On Me"... yes, the ABBA song. =oP
Ah, a second recommendation for BMG (oh, what an unfortunate acronym)! I think I'm going to have to go sniffing around. And indeed, I see they're playing in February! I might even be able to make it along, if things continue well on the professional front.

And there's no shame in liking Abba. ^_^ I just wish I'd had the chance to see them tour sometime..

(Of course, now, I can't think of the band without also hearing Terence Stamp from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)